Jun 26, 2017 Carbondale Pit Bull Attacked Cross Country Cyclist

Carbondale - Cyclist attacked by a pit bull while riding through Illinois.

Jun 26, 2017 Bloomington Pit Bull Attacked American Eskimo Dog in Own Yard

Bloomington - A pit bull invaded an American Eskimo's yard and attacked him. He was severely injured and his owners are asking for help to pay bills on GoFundMe.

"On Saturday 6/24 Mitchell was attacked in his own yard by the neighbors pit bull. He has already undergone surgery, 1 vet visit, and now is having to stay overnight at the vet because of bleeding. He has staples and stitches and the dreadful cone of shame! Hundreds have already been spent on vet bills and there are more to come!The Nolan's are an amazing family and would give the shirt off their back if needed! Let's show them some support and help them out in a time of need! They are my neighbors and are family as well as Mitchell!!!"

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