Jul 27, 2017 Lee County Pit Bulls Repeatedly Attack Dogs, Nothing Done

Lee County - "Been having problems with the neighbors pits - we live in the country - Lee County Illinois - twice my dog has been attacked by those damn pits and the second time required multiple stitches and drains.  My dog weighs 95 lbs!

Animal control has told the neighbor several times to control his dogs and he won't.  Lee County states attorney told us that we need to hire a lawyer to handle the neighbor!

Seriously!!! He and his dogs are the problem here and WE nee to spend money on an attorney to try and get protection!

The sheriff says call animal control - animal control says there is't anything on the books in Illinois that helps us with this situation - and - there aren't ANY ordinances regarding dogs in this county!!

What a joke! So we have to live in fear of his wandering pits and no one will help us!"