Jun 01, 2016 Willow Springs Man Accused of Dogfighting

Chicago - A Willow Springs man is accused of being part of a multi-state dog fighting ring, and the U.S. Justice Department says 66 dogs have been rescued.

46-year-old Pedro Cuellar of Willow Springs has been charged with violating the Animal Welfare Act.
File photo of pit bulls fighting in the pit
The following quote from the news article, suggesting that a pit bull won a fight and then died because it was "sick," shows that the reporter doesn't understand that these dogs will fight while mortally wounded themselves, and that it is not uncommon that the winning pit bull also dies from injuries sustained during the fight.
The criminal complaint describes some of the conditions.
For example, it says authorities recorded one ring member talking about a dog that won a fight despite being obviously sick.
“He won, but we couldn’t save him,” he’s quoted as saying.“We lost the dog probably 15 minutes after the match.”