Aug 15, 2016 Joliet Pit Bulls Nearly Kill Woman

Joliet - A woman who was cleaning her father’s enclosed backyard while he was away was attacked by two pit bulls being kept there.  A neighbor called 911 when she heard screaming.  When police arrived, they saw one pit bull mauling the woman’s head, and the other mauling her leg.  Police shot the pit bull mauling the woman’s leg and both pit bulls ran away.

The woman said the dogs attacked with no warning and that she thought she was going to die.  Her injuries were considered possibly life-threatening, but she is expected to survive.

This being Illinois, comments on some of the news stories quickly devolved into inane bullying where protecting pit bulls and blaming the owner is merely an extension of virulent racism and classism.  A photo of the entire block where the incident took place shows a typical middle class neighborhood.
The block where this nearly fatal pit bull attack took place

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