Apr 04, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Used as Weapon in Facebook Live Sexual Assault on 15 Year Old

Chicago - A Chicago girl whose kidnapping, sexual assault, gang rape and torture was broadcast on Facebook Live was threatened with a pit bull attack if she tried to escape.

Neighborhood bullies are continuing the assault online.  The victim and her family have been moved to a safe place out of the neighborhood and she has not returned to school.

Two of the teenage rapists and torturers have been identified.

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Chicago Facebook Live Sex Assault Victim Was Threatened With Dog, Prosecutors Say
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Apr 04, 2017 Elgin Pit bull Attacked & Killed Small Dog

Elgin - another unreported pit bull attack in elgin.

Elgin residents are well-aware of their persistent dangerous dog problem.  This is really a problem that can be documented back decades, and still the city has done nothing about it.

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