Dec 11, 2017 Alsip Pit Bull Killed 77-year-old Woman

Alsip - A pit bull attacked and killed an elderly woman on the back deck of her house at 11604 S. Komensky Ave. The Cook County Medical Examiner's Office identified her as 76-year-old Dorothy Ford.  The pit bull was owned by a family member and had lived with the victim for six years, since it was a puppy.
Alsip IL, doesn't need pit bulls

Police were alerted by a neighbor who saw the pit bull attacking while out walking his own dog. After police arrived, the pit bull continued acting aggressively and police shot and killed it.  The police reported that the pit bull appeared well-fed and was well cared for.  There were no previous complaints about the dog from neighbors to police or animal control.

"It was pretty horrific," said Deputy Chief Shawn Schuldt of the Alsip Police Department. "If I go through the rest of my career without seeing something like this, that would be a good thing. I feel extremely bad for the family and we offer them our condolences."

The most recent serious dog attack in Alsip previous to this was also perpetrated by a pit bull.  Please read the reporting on that attack HERE.  The Chicago Tribune treated the reporting as if the fate of the pit bull was more important than the welfare of the victim or the safety of the neighborhood.

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Dec. 03, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Real Estate Broker

Chicago - A 13-year veteran of the industry, broker Sonia Figueroa decided to get a gun to feel safe on the job due to several incidents which included a pit bull attack.
Pit bulls are a big problem in Chicago

“In February, while conducting a Facebook Live video from a vacant lot, Figueroa said she was attacked by a pit bull. Her screams were broadcast.”

She said she felt so helpless.  “…I actually had a bag, it was like a book bag where I carry my laptop and I used that like a shield.  If I didn’t have that I don’t know what would have happened or if I would even be here today.”
[from video]

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Pit Bull Overload Floods Shelters, Strains Rescuers

Nov. 21, 2017 Wheaton Pit Bull Killed Puppy In Front of Children

Wheaton - A brand new puppy named Theo was killed by a pit bull that dashed out of its yard to attack. Theo was being walked on a leash by a mother and two girls aged 7 and 9 who saw their puppy mauled to death.

Wheaton lost a sweet puppy and still has a nasty mauler pit bull
Neighbors say that the pit bull has attacked before.  The poor mother and former owner of Theo believes that DuPage animal control will work with her to get rid of the dangerous pit bull.  They won't help her.  They actively promote pit bulls and they are probably a big reason a pit bull was in the community in the first place.

Wheaton was listed among the "top 25 highest earning towns" on CNNMoney in 2010.  Today it has a median family income of  $107,763.  There are likely no backyard breeders or dogfighters in Wheaton.  The pit bulls are likely coming from rescues and shelters that may even import fighting dogs from outside the county and sell them as great family pets to Wheaton residents.

As the pit bull population rises, so will the number of serious attacks in even well-heeled areas of DuPage County.

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2017 Quincy Pit Bull Kills Family Member in February

Quincy - On February 27th of this year 21 year-old Jamie Owsley was killed by a pit bull in his own home.  The local and state news outlets reported virtually nothing on the fatal attack and did no follow-ups on the attack at all.  They failed to confirm that the cause of death was the dog attack, calling it "an apparent dog attack."  The local news outlets failed to report that the killer dog was a family pit bull that the victim routinely slept with in his bed.  Local outlets also failed to report that the killer pit bull had at least 3 reported bites, including one attack on a child and one that required stitches.

The only reason we know what happened is because filed a Freedom of Information request, received a full police report on the attack, and reported on Jamie Owsley's death.  No local or state news outlet bothered to do the bare minimum of reporting on the attack even after the killer pit bull's owner, KERRY D. TALBURT II,  was subsequently arrested and charged with six felonies which included aggravated battery because he allegedly sicced another of his pit bulls on another man in July.

Jamie Owsley, victim; Hercules the Killer; Kerry Talburt II, pit bull owner
The police report states that Jamie Owsley died as a result of "penetrating and crushing injuries to the neck, due to dog attack."  The day previous to the attack Owsley reportedly had suffered a seizure.  The attack occurred at 3:26am, Sunday February 26.  Owsley's roommate, relative, and the owner of Hercules, the killer pit bull, KERRY TALBURT II, woke up when he heard the attack, got Hercules the pit bull off Owsley and called his grandfather who came and took Jamie and Kerry to the hospital where Jamie was pronounced dead.

The coroner's report states that there were no defensive injuries suggesting that Owsley was alive but incapacitated at the time of the attack, suggesting that he may have been seizing at the time.  Owsley regularly slept with Hercules and was well known to the pit bull. Hercules the killer pit bull latched onto Jamie's neck and crushed his "larynx and hyoid bone."

According to police, Talburt said he owned three pit bulls.  He said that Hercules, a 4-year-old male pit bull did not get along with the other two pit bulls, Java (2 yrs) and Hoss (1.5 yrs) so when Hercules was out of his cage, the other two had to be caged.  The typical sleeping arrangement was for the other two pit bulls to sleep in their cages in the bedroom with Talburt while Hercules slept in the living room on a bed with Owsley.

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Oct 19, 2017 Woodridge Pit Bull Mauls Woman Who Must Be Hospitalized

Woodridge - A woman was hospitalized after she was attacked by a pit bull at an apartment complex. The woman was attacked while walking through the complex.  When she walked by a unit, a pit bull pushed out of a screen door and attacked her.

The Woman sustained multiple injuries and was taken to Good Samaratin Hospital.

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Oct 13, 2017 West Peoria Pit Bull Attacked Small Dog, 2 People

West Peoria - Two men saw a pit bull attacking a dachshund that was being walked on a leash by a 70 year old woman. The pit bull climbed over a 5 foot gate to get out of its yard and went after the woman who was walking two dachshunds. The woman fell to the ground trying to get the pit bull off her dog. Two neighbors came out to help and both were bitten, one reportedly was bitten badly.

The dachshund had at least 20 puncture wounds, some of them very large. The victim's daughter says that the pit bull had attacked a German shepherd in May of this year. The victim's daughter also reports that the pit bull owner never even asked if she could help the victim.

The owner of the pit bull said that Thursday marked the first time she let the dog outside without a leash. The owner was inside when she heard commotion, then came outside to retrieve the dog, according to the report. Then she called police.

Deputies said the smaller dog had a “U-shaped cut” on its right side. It was taken to a vet by its owner, but the severity of its injury was not specified by police.

Peoria County Animal Protection Services took the pit bull for quarantine. Further information was not immediately available about the dog’s fate.

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Oct 13, 2017 Aurora Pit Bulls Seriously Maul 10 yr old Boy

Aurora -
UPDATE: Luke is back home with two family pit bulls who slept with him on his first night back from the hospital.  His mother believes it is how you raise them and is not worried about his safety around their own family pit bulls despite well-raised family pit bulls killing and mauling so many family children.
Some Illinois family or friends' pit bulls that mauled or killed someone in the household:
Oct 07 2017 Oswego Family Pit Bull Attacks Boy
Jan 18, 2014 Bloomington family pit bull kills four year old Kara Hartrich

UPATE: There is a YouCaring fund for the 10 year old victim.  His teacher set it up for him.

"Luke Drees-Segundo is a 10 year old student in my 5th grade class. Luke was attacked by two dogs last Friday, October 13, 2017 as he walked to school in Aurora, IL. He suffered multiple severe wounds to his head, face, and legs. Luke is undergoing treatment for these wounds. He has had two surgeries since admitted and will most likely have to face more. His injuries are very serious, but not life-threatening. Luke is a very brave little boy with a long road ahead of him.
I would like to help out his mom, Denise Drees, with the financial burden. Please help Denise in any way you can. All donations are appreciated and will help her out tremendously. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

UPDATE: The owner found the second pit bull, brought it ins to animal control and both pit bulls were euthanized.  The child has serious but not life threatening injuries and is still in the hospital three days later.
This photo was posted by the Aurora police of the second pit bull which was still loose at the time.

Please Share-We’re working with City of Aurora IL Animal Care and Control in searching for one of two pit bull dogs who mauled and seriously injured a ten-year-old boy around 9:50 a.m. today, October 13, in the 1000 block of Jackson St. The boy was walking to school when he was attacked.
The dogs stopped and ran away when a 31 year old Aurora woman saw the boy being attacked, drove up to the scene, and opened her vehicle door to help him. She then called 911. 
The boy received initial treatment at an Aurora hospital and was then transferred to a suburban hospital. His injuries are not believed to be life-threatening.
We have identified the owner of the dogs who lives in unincorporated Aurora and is known to Aurora Animal Care and Control. The missing dog is white with brown patches, has a chubby build and is named “Cash”. Its owner says the dog has been known to run toward Phillips Park in the 1000 block of Ray Moses Drive.
If you see the dog, do not approach it. Instead, call 911 immediately.
The impounded dog, which was captured soon after the attack in the 800 block of Watson, will be observed for rabies before any decision is made about its future. Several citations are pending against the owner from Aurora Animal Care and Control. Since the owner lives in unincorporated Aurora, Kane County Animal Control was also notified of the incident.

In the comments, a parent relates another unreported pit bull attack

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Oct 07 2017 Oswego Family Pit Bull Attacks Boy

Oswego - A mother separated from the father of her child had to allow her child to go to his father's house where the boy was attacked by the father's pit bull.
"My poor Julian was attacked by a Pitbull Tonight. A family dog. I'm in complete shock. I'm grateful my son's alive. As you can see from the pictures that dog went for the neck. And Julian is such a gentle soul I know he did nothing to the dog for this to happen. Makes you wonder what's going on in that dog's life."

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Sep 18, 2017 Chicago Pit Bulls Escape and Attack Small Dog

Chicago - "My dad was walking our dog in the alley behind Fair Share when two pit bulls got out of a yard and attacked him. He got off of the leash and ran away. We've been searching the area looking for him with no luck. His name is Benito. He is a small dark brown chihuahua/terrier mix. He might be bleeding from the nape of his neck. He isn't wearing a collar as he got out of it and he isn't chipped. If you see him, please call 7734247022 or 7083281791. He's friendly but a bit skittish. Thanks in advance. UPDATE: He's been found and is at the vet. He's got some open wounds that need to be taken care of but should be ok otherwise."

Sep 07, 2017 Freeport Pit Bull attacked a Shiba Inu in her own yard.

Freeport - A Shiba Unu dog was severely injured in his own yard by a pit bull that was being walked by a young child. Jasper the Shiba Inu's injuries were severe and so his owner is asking for help paying the bills with a GoFundMe page.
Jasper the Shiba Inu was attacked by a pit bull

"This Labor day my small Shiba Inu was on the leash outside in our front yard a family with a pregnant Pit walked by and when Jasper barked at them that pregnant girl attacked. The dog came onto my property because a child was holding the leash. Jasper's leash was a 3 + feet from the sidewalk. I was told she had to be forced to let him go. He has 1 hole in his neck, 5 on his chest and 4 on his leg. Chest muscle had to be sewed together before closing the wounds and a drain tube was left in through the biggest wound. Being a holiday the Vet was closed but thankfully met me at the clinic. He was examined and sewed back together and is not going to be healed for quite some time.... So more Vet bills are coming. I am a single mother and as you can imagine the cost is overwhelming. He is lucky to be alive as he is only 20 lbs (and 12 years old) compared to her huge mass. Your change will quickly add up and help my baby during this painful healing process. Much love and thanks to any kind soul who can donate a few dollars."

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Aug 25, 2017 Chicago Child Horrifically Mauled by Pit Bulls Update 10 years later

Chicago - Update on a child who was horrifically mauled ten years ago.  Today he is off to college hoping to learn to help others with art therapy.  MUST READ!
Pit Bull Attack Victim Joshua Dixon's Self Portrait
He credits art with helping him get through his continued recovery
"The boxes stacked in the living room held all the things Joshua Dixon thought he would need in a dormitory. Bedsheets and a matching comforter. Bluetooth speakers, a computer printer and, most important, photos of his younger self.

When the 18-year-old is thousands of miles away at Maine College of Art in Portland, he'll use the pictures to remember — and to explain to new friends — exactly how far he's come.

Ten years ago, Dixon was mauled by his family's two pit bulls in his backyard when he returned home from school. The dogs tore off most of Dixon's face — his nose, ears, layers of skin and muscle — all gone in the seconds before his parents made the gruesome discovery and frantically called 911."

The Chicago Tribune used to report on pit bull attacks in the past, but presently ignores the problem for the most part.  Two days ago, while not reporting on current pit bull attacks, the Tribune posted a eulogy to a pit bull with a facebook following.

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Aug 25, 2017 Indiana Vet Aids Willow Springs Dogfighter

Whiting IN - Martin Jakubowski, Whiting IN Superintendent of Animal Control and Parks admits to helping convicted dogfighter Pedro Cuellar of Willow Springs in several ways. Jakubowski housed several of Cuellar’s pit bulls for him on several occassions from 2011 to 2016. He gave Cuellar expired antibiotics that were the property of the city shelter. And he gave the dogfighte two pit bulls without paperwork knowing that that the dogfighter intended to transfer the pit bulls to other people. Jakubowski was involved in a “roll” dog fight in 2004.
Beautiful Willow Springs Doesn't Need Dogfighters or Pit Bulls

“A “roll” is a dog fight staged for the purpose of assessing the fighting characteristics of a dog or dogs, rather than for wagering purposes, and is generally stopped by the handlers before serious injuries result.”

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CBS Chicago
Rare Chicago
United States DoJ

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Aug 08, 2017 Springfield Pit Bulls Seriously Maul Sleeping 3-year-old Girl

Springfield - Three-year-old Mirra Kay Neal was napping when two pit bulls she had known and played with all her life seriously mauled her in a completely unprovoked attack requiring 7 hours of surgery.  The pit bulls inflicted 82 lacerations with over 52 to just her face.

The pit bulls have been put down.  They were owned by a long-time friend of Mirra’s father.  A facebook page was set up for her where her parents admonished commenters to not put down pit bulls.

At least this attack was reported.  That is a big thing in Illinois where the media usually won’t even report pit bull attacks.  A fatal attack, probably committed by a pit bull, in Quincy this year has been completely swept under the rug.  This is an extreme disservice to the citizens of Illinois.

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News Channel 20
Prayers for Mirra Kay Facebook Page

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Aug 01, 2017 Aggressive Joliet Pit Bull Menaces Man While Loose

Joliet - Another loose, aggressive pit bull menaces a victim, this time a man. The pit bull grabbed the man’s hand but did not bite down. The pit bull's owner is Ramon Rosas-Vazquez.

Apparently, Joliet is attempting to name and shame irresponsible pit bull owners in a vain attempt to curb their massive pit bull attack problem instead of doing the right thing, which is to ban pit bulls in Joliet.

Joliet Backyard Breeders making the problem worse:

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The Herald News

Feb 21, 2017 Joliet’s Pit Bull Problems So Bad Police Dept Hires Dangerous Dog Officer
2016 Illinois Cities With Pit Bull Problems That Won't or Can't Implement BSL
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Feb 10, 2016 Joliet City Council Committee Continues to Look at Vicious Dog Ordinance
Jan 25, 2016 Joliet Pit Bull Attacks Prompt Demands for Tougher Vicious Dog Laws
Jan 22, 2016 Joliet Pit Bulls Break Owner's Bones and Maul Dog
Jan 11, 2016 Four Joliet Pit bulls Attack Home Health Care Worker On the Job

Jul 31, 2017 Aggressive Joliet Pit Bull Nearly Attacks Two Children

Joliet - A father was luck to be able to protect his children from a loose, aggressive pit bull. The pit bull owner’s was identified and his name and photo were published online in an apparent attempt to deter the massive number of Joliet residents with pit bulls from letting their pit bulls attack innocents.  So far, it is not working. Joliet needs a ban and it needs a ban more than most places.
Irresponsible Joliet Pit Bull Owner FELICIANO D. VELASCO
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Feb 10, 2016 Joliet City Council Committee Continues to Look at Vicious Dog Ordinance
Jan 25, 2016 Joliet Pit Bull Attacks Prompt Demands for Tougher Vicious Dog Laws
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Jan 11, 2016 Four Joliet Pit bulls Attack Home Health Care Worker On the Job
UPDATE Dec 31, 2014 Joliet Dangerous Pit Bulls and Vicious Rottweiler Terrorizing North Reed Street

July 31 2017 Collinsville Pit Bull Invades Yard Attacks Dog

Collinsville - A pit bull invaded a yard and mauled an elderly boston terrier.  The pit bull was returned to the owner despite the danger to the neighborhood.

Jul 27, 2017 Lee County Pit Bulls Repeatedly Attack Dogs, Nothing Done

Lee County - "Been having problems with the neighbors pits - we live in the country - Lee County Illinois - twice my dog has been attacked by those damn pits and the second time required multiple stitches and drains.  My dog weighs 95 lbs!

Animal control has told the neighbor several times to control his dogs and he won't.  Lee County states attorney told us that we need to hire a lawyer to handle the neighbor!

Seriously!!! He and his dogs are the problem here and WE nee to spend money on an attorney to try and get protection!

The sheriff says call animal control - animal control says there is't anything on the books in Illinois that helps us with this situation - and - there aren't ANY ordinances regarding dogs in this county!!

What a joke! So we have to live in fear of his wandering pits and no one will help us!"

Jul 20, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks Two at Dog Park: $500 REWARD

Chicago River North - A stupid young woman took her pit bull to a dog park and allowed it to attack two dogs in separate attacks.  The first attack was on a husky which left two puncture wounds and a terrified husky.

Idiot pit bull owner doing what they always do with their pit bull attacks
The second attack was on a corgi which got picked up by the neck and shaken like a ragdoll.  Photos show the pit bull owner stood there like a stuffed nitwit doing nothing.  The corgi owner couldn't help either.  It was a brave third woman who actually saved the corgi from the pit bull's grip.  She punched the pit bull in the ribs three times and then quickly removed the corgi from the dog park.  She must have known that pit bulls ALWAYS go back to the attack after they are initially unlocked from their prey.

The corgi's owner, hampered by an unbelievable degree of political correctness, didn't leave the dog park after witnessing the first attack to protect his dog; he didn't tell the stupid young woman to leave to protect his dog; nope, he approached her and began talking to her and when he heard screaming, he knew it was his dog (because he'd led the poor corgi to the pit bull).

Mr. Unbelievably-Bad-Judgment doesn't want the pit bull "to get into trouble,"  but he offered a $500 reward for anyone who can lead him to the pit bull's owner who must have skipped off.  He doesn't want her to pay the $1,000 vet bill or to have her vicious pit bull put down.  He just wants to raise her awareness and perhaps convince her to get the pit bull "rehabilitated" (that isn't a real thing) and to perhaps not go to the dog park with her mauler if that's ok with her.  (I want to know how someone with poor judgment to that incredible degree is able to have that much money to throw away.)

What should happen is that pit bull should be deemed dangerous after two attacks and the pit bull should be put down and the pit bull owner fined.  That would be a service to the community Mr. Unbelievably-Bad-Judgment because if you don't report the bite, the next victim will be at square one, and will not be able to get that mauler out of the neighborhood.

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Chicago DNAinfo


Jul 24, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks Maltese

Chicago - A pit bull attacked a maltese named Diamond while she was on her leash taking a walk.  Her injuries were severe, so her family started a GoFundMe page for her.

ILLINOIS -- Please Help Our dog diamond ❤️

On the morning of Wednesday July 19, 2017 Diamond our family's beloved dog got attacked by a pit bull as my mother was taking her out for her daily walk.

Diamond (or as we call her poochie) lost a lot of blood and was wounded severely, she has two deep wounds in the stomach and a fractured spinal cord.

She requires medication and daily visits to the vet to clean her incisions. As you may know the Vet bills are extremely high and only keep getting higher.

If you find it in your heart to help us with what ever you can we really appreciate it. It hurts us so much to see her suffer the way she is
Our girl Diamond has been in the family for the past 10 years and has brought us nothing but happiness. Please help us get our dog better.

GoFundMe: "Our Trooper Needs Your Help"
Created July 24, 2017

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Jul 11, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Mauls a Small Leashed Dog

Chicago - Surveillance video of a disgustingly irresponsible and incompetent pit bull owner allowing her aggressive pit bull to run off leash and attack a small leashed dog in her owners' arms.

These two young ladies were very smart and brave.

Jul 10, 2017 Quincy Pit Bull Used as a Weapon By Owner

Quincy - Charges have been filed against a Quincy man who was arrested Saturday after he allegedly let his pit bull bite another man.

Kerry D. Talburt II, 21, was charged Monday in Adams County Circuit Court with home invasion, aggravated battery, reckless conduct, criminal trespass of a residence and two counts of obstructing justice.
Charging documents say Talburt struck the other man by putting his thumb in one of his eyes and allowed the pit bull to bite him. They also allege he provided false information to police.

The Quincy Police Department said officers were called to 1005 Jersey on a report of a 30-year-old who was bitten by a dog in the face. Police said Talburt got into an altercation with his downstairs neighbor and his dog got loose and bit the man in the face.

The man who was bitten was taken to Blessing Hospital for treatment. The dog was taken to the city's animal shelter for quarantine.

Judge Amy Lannerd advised Talburt that he faces six to 30 years in prison if he is convicted of home invasion, a Class X felony. He also faces the possibility of consecutive sentences if convicted of the other charges.

Talburt will return to court July 24.

He is being held in the Adams County Jail on $20,000 bond.

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Jun 27, 2017 Montgomery Pit bull Attacked Police Officer, Code Officer, 2 Other People

Montgomery - Reports that a pit bull bit a code officer and two other people and was put down. In a second incident, a police officer in a neighbor’s yard was also attacked after the pit bull leaped over a fence and hung onto his arm.

Montgomery Illinois doesn't need pit bulls
City officials are looking into changes that can be made to ordinances to make them stronger.

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Chicago Tribune

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Jun 26, 2017 Carbondale Pit Bull Attacked Cross Country Cyclist

Carbondale - Cyclist attacked by a pit bull while riding through Illinois.

Jun 26, 2017 Bloomington Pit Bull Attacked American Eskimo Dog in Own Yard

Bloomington - A pit bull invaded an American Eskimo's yard and attacked him. He was severely injured and his owners are asking for help to pay bills on GoFundMe.

"On Saturday 6/24 Mitchell was attacked in his own yard by the neighbors pit bull. He has already undergone surgery, 1 vet visit, and now is having to stay overnight at the vet because of bleeding. He has staples and stitches and the dreadful cone of shame! Hundreds have already been spent on vet bills and there are more to come!The Nolan's are an amazing family and would give the shirt off their back if needed! Let's show them some support and help them out in a time of need! They are my neighbors and are family as well as Mitchell!!!"

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May 22, 1912 Chicago Bulldog Invades School and Attacks 3 Girls

Jun 15, 2017 La Salle Pit Bulls Bite Owner Trying To Break Up Fight

La Salle Co. - In what must have been a horrific fight, two pit bulls attacked a third in a home.  The owner and another person were bitten trying to break up the fight.  Two pit bulls were put down for aggression and the third was put down because of injuries from the attack.The female owner also had two other pit bulls.
File photo of fighting pit bulls

This attack comes two months after a report that there had been a substantial upswing in dog attacks in the county and that pit bulls were responsible for over 50% of them.  Before last year, when the influx of pit bulls was first reported, pit bull attacks were rare in La Salle Co.

In that previous article, the author noted that the worst attack was committed by a pit bull which sent a boy to the hospital.  In the comments of this story on facebook, the owner of that pit bulls recounts how her pit bull attacked her nephew, but contended that everyone was overstating the severity.  She also called her pit bull an American bulldog and shared photos of it.

Read more:
LCBC Radio

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Jun 06, 2017 Elgin Rescue Pit Attacks other Dogs in Fur Mommy's Home

Elgin - Elgin Emily is a virtuous woman.  We know this because she has 5 rescues.  But one, a pit bull, recently began attacking her dog other dogs, and the pit got hurt.  So she went on a community forum to dump it.  What follows is a battle of the sanctimonious, holier-than-thou, hypocrtical fur mommies blaming and condemning each other.  And none of them have the slightest clue why pittie poo is attacking (DNA).

May 26, 2017 Lawsuit: East Alton Pit Bull Attacks Lab & Owner

East Alton - A woman was walking her labrador retriever on a leash in her own front yard when a loose pit bull owned by RAYE C. MOORE attacked them both causing severe physical injuries.

File photo of pit bulls
From the article:
"The plaintiff alleges McLaughlin failed to properly supervise her pet when outside and exposed to other animals, failed to properly train her dog to avoid harming other animals or individuals and failed to warn others about the dangers of owning a pit bull.

The plaintiff requests a trial by jury and seeks judgment in an amount greater than $50,000, plus costs of suit and any other further relief as the court deems just and proper. "

Read more:

Jan 14, 2016 Lawsuit: Alleged East S. Louis Pit Bull Attack Results in Lawsuit

May 19, 2017 Granite City Pit Bull Attacked another Dog

Granite City - "So upset my dog got attacked by a pit bull and they can't do anything about it. I have to take it to court.  He's got five big [gashes] in him."

Granite City is a pit bull hellhole.  Read the related posts to see how a pair of Granite City pit bulls were allowed to kill at least TWELVE other dogs in 2014 and nothing was done about it.  TWELVE innocent dogs!  In 2008 pit bull BSL was considered but never acted upon. 

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May 19, 2017 Two Rock Island Dogfighters Plead Guilty to Dogfighting Charges

Rock Island - Two of the 10 Quad-Cities residents indicted and arrested in January on federal charges related to dog-fighting ventures entered guilty pleas on Thursday, May 18, while trial dates were set for four others.
Pit Bulls Love Fighting and Attacking
Pit Bulls Let A Lot of Blood Flow When They Fight in the Pit

Nine of the 10 were indicted on Jan. 24 by a federal grand jury on felony charges of conspiracy to sponsor and participate in dog-fighting ventures. One was indicted on a misdemeanor count of knowingly attending a dog fight.

Nine of them are from Rock Island; one is from Davenport.

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