Nov. 21, 2017 Wheaton Pit Bull Killed Puppy In Front of Children

Wheaton - A brand new puppy named Theo was killed by a pit bull that dashed out of its yard to attack. Theo was being walked on a leash by a mother and two girls aged 7 and 9 who saw their puppy mauled to death.

Wheaton lost a sweet puppy and still has a nasty mauler pit bull
Neighbors say that the pit bull has attacked before.  The poor mother and former owner of Theo believes that DuPage animal control will work with her to get rid of the dangerous pit bull.  They won't help her.  They actively promote pit bulls and they are probably a big reason a pit bull was in the community in the first place.

Wheaton was listed among the "top 25 highest earning towns" on CNNMoney in 2010.  Today it has a median family income of  $107,763.  There are likely no backyard breeders or dogfighters in Wheaton.  The pit bulls are likely coming from rescues and shelters that may even import fighting dogs from outside the county and sell them as great family pets to Wheaton residents.

As the pit bull population rises, so will the number of serious attacks in even well-heeled areas of DuPage County.

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