May 06, 2017 Chicago Police Officer’s Foster Pit Mauls her Golden Retriever

From the Chicago Police Officer’s facebook page - An officer who liked to rescue dogs from off the street and to help rescues agreed to foster a pregnant female pit bull named Emerald in her home last October. The puppies were all adopted out, but Emerald was still in the Officer’s home in January when Emerald began being aggressive with the Officer’s dog, a golden retriever named Laddy.

According to the police officer in her video, she pleaded with the rescue she was fostering for, Serendipittie, to take Emerald back. But the rescue refused until they could find another person willing to take a dog aggressive pit bull which would be never. Also according to the police officer, the rescue threatened to sue her for breach of contract if she gave the dog to animal control. Also according to the officer, the rescue threatened to call the police on her.

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The conflict, according to the police officer, became a personal vendetta against her. Presumably because she didn’t just suck it up and commit to crate and rotate for the rest of her dogs’ lives all the while cooing about how sweet the mauling pit bull was.

As is normal with dog rescuers it is important that they show as much compassion for the mauler as for the victim. And the mauler is being treated for minor injuries it sustained while mauling its poor victim.

The reality is that there is no place for a dog-aggressive pit bull. The only solution to avoid pets and people getting mauled is to put the pit bull down. Dog-aggressive dogs are unacceptable as pets.

Read all about the death and damage these rescues cause by adopting out pit bulls right here:

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