Apr 26, 2016 Mattoon Pit Bull Deemed Dangerous After Biting 2nd Girl in Two Years

Mattoon - A pit bull that has bitten 2 girls in two years has been declared dangerous.  The owner, KATHY DAUBS, initially had said she would surrender the pit to be euthanized, but then changed her mind.

The pit bull bit the child when she was riding her bike down the street with her mother.  DAUBS claims that when the victim’s mother spoke some words it excited DAUBS’  pit bull so much that DAUBS lost control and allowed the pit bull to bite the child.

In 2014, the pit bull bit a 3-year old girl who was visiting with her mother.  When DAUBS opened the front door, the pit bull immediately bit her.

Commenters are outraged that a biting dog can stay with the owner and actually gets a third free bite before it can be removed and put down.  Another commenter said that the same pit bull had pinned her dog.

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Owner of dog that bit child to try to comply with county restrictions
County trying to have dog deemed dangerous

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