Jun 14, 2016 Carpentersville Pit Bull Attack on Dog Inspires New Dangerous Dog Laws

Carpentersville - What must have been a pit bull seriously attacked a sweet dog named Buddy after invading Buddy’s own backyard.  Buddy’s owner found out that virtually nothing would be done to stop another attack by the same pit bull, so he asked the Carpentersville Board of Trustees to look into it.
Buddy is a pit bull attack victim
Though the press and the board have gone to extremes to hide and protect pit bulls, board meeting minutes show that the board looked at BSL which is a sure sign it was a pit bull that attacked.  They went to extremes to avoid leaving a public record of their discussions about pit bulls.  Though two of the discussions about dangerous dogs were conducted in open sessions and open sessions are videotaped, the two discussions about dangerous dog laws and Buddy's attack were scheduled after breaks.  The video stopped for the break and there is no video of the open meeting after the breaks.

Though the board of trustees did discuss dangerous dog breed bans and the ban on BSL in Illinois,   no one brought up the fact that, as a home rule city, Carpentersville can implement BSL despite the statewide ban.  And they should do so for the protection, well-being, and sustained quality of life of Carpentersville citizens.

The upshot is that Carpentersville refuses to protect people and pets from pit bulls and first time attacks will continue as usual.  With the new regulations, if people bother to comply, it could get expensive and more difficult to keep dangerous and vicious dogs.  And yeah, it is AOK to keep vicious dogs in Carpentersville.  It is even OK to keep a dangerous dog on a property that does not allow a fence to be built.

The extent to which Illinois cities are willing to twist and contort themselves to protect mauling pit bulls and their owners would be hilarious if it were not so extremely amoral and if the burden citizens will bear in injury and death were not so heavy to bear.

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