Oct 13, 2014 Galesburg Still Dealing with Pit Bull Issues

Galesburg - Over a year after, Ryan Maxwell, one of Galesburg's children was horrifically killed by a pit bull, and after Galesburg refused to take breed specific measures, Galesburg is still suffering from pit bull attacks.

Citizens are still contacting the police about dangerous and/or loose dogs believing that their call is a report that will become part of the record on the dog that will get the dog deemed dangerous, but the calls are not reported.  And neither the police nor animal control seem willing to convey this important bit of information to residents.

Alderman Jeremy Karlin said that a part of the problem is that animal control services are handled by the Knox County Humane Society.  The suggestion is made that the humane society is unwilling to inform residents that they should file a dangerous dog report when an attack happens to make sure the dangerous dog is taken care of because they're only concerned with the humane treatment of animals and not the humane treatment of humans.

City Manager Todd Thompson said that citizens should not attempt to make a dangerous dog report with animal control and  urged citizens to go to the police and specifically request that report be made.  And when they do so, they should not allow themselves to be "dissuaded" from filing a report.

How insane is this?  Instead of making citizens fight with city agencies that seem to want to protect dangerous dogs and give not one whit about the citizens who pay their salaries, why doesn't the city of Galesburg require police and Animal Control to do their jobs and  file a dangerous dog report when they are contacted by a citizen about one?

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