Jun 10, 2016 Update on Boulder Hill Pit Bull That Attacked a Woman

Boulder Hill - The reporting on this has been absolutely bizarre.  There have been reports and updates mostly about the pit bull.  The focus has not been on the fact a woman was seriously mauled.  There have been updates on why the pit bull was shot, but scant attention is given the injuries, well-being or recovery of the victim.

On may 15th an American bulldog attacked the mother of its owner inside the mother’s home.  The woman grabbed a hammer to try to defend herself, but the attack continued outside where the woman collapsed.

Neighbors saw the attack and some of them managed to stop the attack with a baseball bat and a knife.  When deputies came, they asked the woman if they could shoot the menacing dog, she said yes, and then they shot it, killing it.

A lot of reporting space is being taken up talking about the deputies justifications for shooting the mauler, with no updates on the victim's condition.

When firefighters came, they saw she was in a lot of pain with injuries to her hands, stomach and feet, and that is all that is known.

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