Apr 24, 2017 La Salle Co. Many Dog Attacks - Pit Bulls Most & Worst

La Salle Co - There have been a troubling number of dog attacks in the area recently. Of the 11 attacks recorded, pit bulls were responsible for 6 and the most recent pit bull attack was the most severe of all the dog attacks, sending a young boy to a larger regional hospital.

"Wind says a woman was viciously attacked in Sandwich by a mastiff mix and a mail carrier in Streator was bit by a pit bull requiring surgery. The pit bull involved in the La Salle attack and the bull mastiff in Sandwich were both killed by a veterinarian."

Last year La Salle Co, began dealing with an unusually large influx of pit bulls that nobody wanted.  The problem was so substantial that the shelter had to hire another person to deal with it.  Now they're getting hammered with pit bull attacks. 

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2017.04.24 Elgin Bullmastiff Killed a Leashed Malti Poo on the Street

Elgin - "I am looking for anyone in the Hendee St. and Harding St. area that have had issues with a bull mastiff dog.  My 7 lb. Yorkie Poo was attacked and killed by this dog while being walked on a leash by my mom on 3/26/17.  I am aware of someone else that was in court on Friday April 21st in Elgin.  Looking to speak to this person.  Thank you.

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Apr 20, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Beagle

Chicago - A YouCaring page was set up for a beagle that was attacked by a pit bull in Chicago.

"In April of 2017 Chico was attacked by two pit bulls who were loose in our community. These dogs left Chico with hip dysplasia, hernias, and arthritis due to the physical injuries. Due to the fact that I am a recent graduate it is very difficult to pay off the Vet Medical Bills and other expenses as well. Although this happened four months ago and the interest rates continue to increase due to the existing vet bill, friends and family have witnessed the stress in our family from knowing previous bills and debt obligations that have not been paid for. Please find it in your heart to help with Chico's medical expenses. All donations are greatly appreciated! "

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Apr 15, 2017 River Forest Pit Bull Attacked an Italian Greyhound -PLEASE HELP FIND OWNER

Please help find this owner of this brindle pit bull that attacked a small Italian greyhound unprovoked at the corner of Jackson & Greenfield in River Forest.  The dog was severely injured and the owner was injured as well.  The pit bull owner fled the scene of her crime without giving any personal information.

Please call Lee at the number above.

Apr 04, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Used as Weapon in Facebook Live Sexual Assault on 15 Year Old

Chicago - A Chicago girl whose kidnapping, sexual assault, gang rape and torture was broadcast on Facebook Live was threatened with a pit bull attack if she tried to escape.

Neighborhood bullies are continuing the assault online.  The victim and her family have been moved to a safe place out of the neighborhood and she has not returned to school.

Two of the teenage rapists and torturers have been identified.

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Girl Who Was Gang Raped On Facebook Live Getting Online Threats

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Apr 04, 2017 Elgin Pit bull Attacked & Killed Small Dog

Elgin - another unreported pit bull attack in elgin.

Elgin residents are well-aware of their persistent dangerous dog problem.  This is really a problem that can be documented back decades, and still the city has done nothing about it.

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Apr 03, 2017 East Moline Pit Bull Killed a Dog and Was Shot by Police

East Moline - A fatal pit bull attack on another dog went unreported for a week until news outlets reported on the upcoming city council meeting in which the council was expected to discuss a potential muzzle ordinance for all dogs over 40 pounds.

It seems that the city of East Moline has been cowed by pit bull promoters. Journalists know not to report pit bull attacks; this pit bull attack is mentioned only in the video, and is referred to as a “dog fight” in the text of the online story.

The city council won’t propose pit bull regulation to address a pit bull problem. They hoped if they proposed a breed neutral ordinance, pit bull owners wouldn’t go crazy, but nope. They don’t like the breed neutral ordinance either. Since we can’t upset the pit bull advocates for some reason, chances are East Moline will just let pit bull advocates and their pit bulls continue to kill innocent dogs in front of children, and perhaps kill children as well.

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Apr 02, 2017 McHenry Co Pit Bull Attacked Woman

McHenry County - A pit bull "barked" at a woman and after listening to both sides of the story, three McHenry County Sheriffs believed that the pit bull should be labelled vicious.  Despite the owner's protestations, it is conceivable that the pit bull did more than just bark.  From facebook:

Apr 02, 2017 Springfield Pit Bull Allowed to Kill Owner's Cat

Springfield - A pit bull owner betrayed her cat's trust and love and allowed her pit bull to kill her cat.  Found on facebook.

Horrible Betrayal.  

As usual with pit bull nuts, one of her friends asked if the pit bull was OK, hoping the fatally mauled cat didn't manage to hurt pittie poo as pittie poo was in the middle of ripping her apart.