Apr 24, 2017 La Salle Co. Many Dog Attacks - Pit Bulls Most & Worst

La Salle Co - There have been a troubling number of dog attacks in the area recently. Of the 11 attacks recorded, pit bulls were responsible for 6 and the most recent pit bull attack was the most severe of all the dog attacks, sending a young boy to a larger regional hospital.

"Wind says a woman was viciously attacked in Sandwich by a mastiff mix and a mail carrier in Streator was bit by a pit bull requiring surgery. The pit bull involved in the La Salle attack and the bull mastiff in Sandwich were both killed by a veterinarian."

Last year La Salle Co, began dealing with an unusually large influx of pit bulls that nobody wanted.  The problem was so substantial that the shelter had to hire another person to deal with it.  Now they're getting hammered with pit bull attacks. 

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