Apr 15, 2016 Rock Island Pit Bull Dogfighting Ring Busted - Quad Cities Overburdened with Pit Bulls

Rock Island - A year long investigation led to a dogfighting bust in the Quad Cities.  The investigation involved U.S. Attorney's Office, the federal Drug Enforcement Agency, Illinois State Police, the Rock Island County State's Attorney's and Sheriff's offices, the Quad City Metropolitan Enforcement Group, Moline Police, East Moline Police, Davenport Police and the Scott County Sheriff's Department.
File photo of a pit bull
The ASPCA has taken and is housing over 60 pit bulls.  Soon after the bust, local pit bull owners began voicing fears that their lost pit bulls had been stolen to become pit fighters.  The ASPCA accidentally let the truth slip out about what they know to be true about fighting dogs when they assured the public that the dogfighters probably did not take their backyard pit bulls.

ASPCA representatives confirmed that dogfighters prefer to BREED THEIR OWN PIT BULLS FROM SPECIFIC BLOODLINES because the qualities that make good fighting dogs the best killers that ever existed are genetically controlled and passed on.

Does that mean the neighborhood pit bulls won’t kill any poodle or kitten that they happen upon?  No.  Because even backyard bred pit bulls have in their pedigree hundreds of dogs that were selected to breed solely because that dog was the best at killing.  Backyard bred dogs are dangerous to normal dogs, cats and children even if they cannot win in the fighting pit.

Another truth about Quad City rescue pit bulls slipped out, as well.  Dogfighters in populous places have no need for a losing fighting dog, but the dogfighters don’t shoot them and try to hide the body like they do in the country.  Officials admitted that dogfighters in populous areas like the Quad Cities abandon the fighting pits on the street.  Many stray pit bulls in the Quad Cities are likely fighting bred and conditioned.

These stray fighting pit bulls are picked up and taken to shelters where they are put up for adoption in the community.  Although some pit bulls are losers in the fighting pit against other pits, they can and will kill any non-fighting breed dog, cat and even people with ease.

Three pit bulls were recently euthanized in Moline after they killed two Chinese Crested dogs in the victims’ own yard.  It was reported that investigators couldn’t figure out why the pit bulls killed dogs off property and unprovoked.  The answer is pit bull DNA.

A pit bull ban is the best choice for cities that have dogfighters and dogfighting problems.  If pit bulls are banned, stray pit bulls become conspicuous and will allow authorities to find the dogfigthers.  This is the exact problem that Pawtucket Rhode Island faced and a pit bull ban worked beautifully to stop the abuse of pit bulls and pit bull attacks until special interests forced Pawtucket to abandon the ban that saved pit bulls from being abused.

Rock Island and Moline are home rule cities and can enact BSL.  Illinois has one of the most liberal home rule laws in the nation. Although the Illinois General Assembly has the power to take a way home rule powers by a 3/5ths vote of both houses or to provide for the exclusive state exercise of a power by a simple majority vote of both houses, courts have reaffirmed that “implied preemption is not sufficient to strike down local, home rule regulations (Bolingbrook v Citizens Utility Co,1994); (Barrington Police Pension Fund v Barrington Ethics Baord, 1997)” and has authorized local ordinances that are contrary to state statues (Rozner v Korshak, 1973).

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