Jun 22, 2016 Mt. Vernon Pit Bull Attacked Jogger and his Dog

Mt. Vernon - After retiring, I bought a house in Mt. Vernon. My parents moved us to Texas when I was nine. I am enjoying the open friendliness of the people here.

On Friday, June 17, I was running with my dog near my house, when a pit bull, seemingly out of nowhere, attacked my dog. Fiona was severely injured and I was bitten trying to stop the attack. As I lay in the road holding my dog to protect it from the pit bull, two cars stopped to help. One of the drivers, Tonya, called her veterinarian and drove us to the clinic. On the way, 911 dispatch called and asked where we were. She had sent EMS, fire and police to the site. I didn’t know this and told the dispatcher that I left the scene to save my dog’s life, and that my injuries could wait for now.

While Dr. Lamczyk worked to save her, police and animal control arrived to document the attack and for me to identify the pit bull. The police officer and the animal control officer were concerned, professional and their actions helped to relieve some of the stress of the ordeal. Tonya stayed and later drove me home. The clinic staff were amazing. Fiona survived and is home.

I want to thank the Mt. Vernon Police Department, emergency services and dispatch, animal control, the concerned citizens who stopped and everyone at Lamczyk Veterinary Clinic. You made a bad situation bearable.

Monty Bradford
Mt. Vernon

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Jun 22, 2016 Mercer Co. Pit Bull Mix Severely Injures 4-year-old

New Boston - A pit bull mix that was leashed while at a get-together severely mauled a 4-year-old boy’s face requiring surgery and likely future plastic surgery.

The only outlet to report the attack refused to mention breed and downplayed the seriousness of the injury by calling the attack a “bite” in the headline.  Photos that accompany the report show an injury that is already sewn up, but that likely removed a large amount of flesh from the boy’s cheek.

Police are reporting that this was “just a mistake” and no charges have yet been filed although the investigation is ongoing.  The boy did nothing to the pit bull and the attack was completely unprovoked.  The pit bull was leashed at the time.

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