Feb 06, 2017 Aggressive Macomb Pit Bull Shot by Police Officer

Macomb - A city police officer was forced to fire his pistol at a dog late Sunday night after the
dog acted aggressively toward the officer and others, according to information from Macomb
police administration.
Macomb needs a Pit Bull Ban!
Macomb Deputy Chief Eric Lenardt stated that on Sunday night, police were called to the 400 block of North Campbell Street on a report of a dog at large that was nipping at people trying to help its owner get it into his residence. Lenardt said that the owner was reportedly intoxicated. On
arrival, an officer was able to help get the pitbull into the residence.

However, he instructed the owner not to open the door, otherwise the dog would get loose and continue to act aggressively. The owner opened the door, and the dog quickly went toward the officer. The officer stated in his report that he sprayed the dog with pepper spray three to four times, emptying the container. The dog continued to come toward the officer in an aggressive manner, so the officer fired his pistol at it. The officer believed he had missed the dog, as the animal ran toward the back of the house.

Once at the back porch, he saw the dog and realized he had struck it in the paw. An animal control
officer was called to the scene, secured the dog and took it to a veterinarian for treatment.
The dog's owner, identified as Christopher J. Martin, 43, of Macomb, was arrested on a charge of
resisting/obstructing an officer for opening the door and letting the dog escape when he had been
instructed not to. Martin was also cited for having a dog running at large.

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