Jan 04, 2017 Decatur Pit Bull Attacked Woman

Decatur - This is another unreported pit bull attack found on facebook:

Well guys new update I'm still in this hospital bed. Did find out got bacterial invection in my lungs. Told me could be here several days maybe weeks. So keep up the prayers guys,this is not the way wanting to start out New Year. My daughter could sure use some prayers too,she got attacked by pit bull on New Year's. She having alot of pain,her stomach is a mess couldn't get the dog off. She pretty transfixed with dreams about it. SO THANKS All from the both of us.
Linda J. Roady Eckart Thanks and haven't done anything to dog

Linda J. Roady Eckart That's what I thought but not sure about who dog was.

Well all still here in this damn hospital. Hopefully go home by weekend. But guys gonna need some STRONG PRAYERS for my daughter Alice Eckart,she was bitten by a dog and invection has set in. They are calling a surgeon because the size of it may need to be removed surgically. So please EVERYBODY SAY SOME PRAYERS for her. Will know tomorrow so will let you know more then. Thank you all!!

Linda is Alice alright???
Linda J. Roady Eckart She has large blood clot in her stomach, surgeon doesn't want to open. So now gotta wait for her doctor to see what he says. Thanks for asking about her