Sep 14, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Still Alive After Mauling Two People

Chicago - Last September a UPS man was horribly mauled by a one year old female pit bull owned by DIANA SANCHEZ on the 1900 block of North Cicero Avenue.  The victim, Jesus Toledo lost part of his ear and part of his thumb in the attack.  His hand required extensive surgery to save function and he injured his back falling off the porch.  In addition he had injuries to his forearm, hands and ankle.
Mr. Toldedo is a hero for persisting in this to make
sure the vicious pit bull is put down so no one else can be hurt
The pit bull had mauled a cable company employee 6 months previous to this serious mauling.  Which means the pit bull was only 6 months old at the time of the first attack.  This is a seriously vicious animal.

And still a year later, the owner, DIANA SANCHEZ, was granted a continuance on her appeal after a judge ruled that the vicious pit bull be put down.  DIANA SANCHEZ must be judgment-proof if she still wants the pit bull back.  She obviously doesn't care if she maims or kills more people or pets.

And now Toledo is going to have to go to court once again to make sure no one else gets mauled by DIANA SANCHEZ' VICIOUS PIT BULL.

Toledo has had to go to court several times because Illinois law allows people to make endless appeals for the most obviously dangerous dogs.  The law needs to be changed so that when a dog mauls someone this badly, it gets put down without question.  And owners like DIANA SANCHEZ who allow this to happen should be severely punished.  This woman deserves jail time.

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