May 12, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked a Leashed Little Dog

Chicago - This attack was not reported in the media. It was found on Everyblock. The comments respond with several more pit bull attacks or encounters with aggressive loose pit bulls.

"On Spaulding between Palmer and Dickens: was walking my dog, when a loose pit bull spotted us across the street and ran quickly over and began biting and growling at my dog. I pulled my little guy back, and I guess yelled something in panic at the other dog and then he spurted back to the other side of the street. Some random lady was blazing it up (this was at 930-10am) a few yards from the dog and I asked her if it was hers, and she just stared at me and kept puffing away. I think I've seen her before, and someone who saw the incident said they had seen the dog before. I love all dogs, and have no issues with so-called aggressive breeds, but this one in particular was fast as hell and aggressive.

Posting because I'm not sure if anyone knows the owner (I think it was that woman), or if they've spotted this dog as well. However I just wanted to warn neighbors to maybe keep their pups close and be aware.

Called animal control once I got my dog back into the apartment but exactly two minutes later- the woman and the dog were gone."

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