Dec 17, 2016 Three Chicago Pit Bulls Mauled a Man in an Alley

Chicago - This attack was never reported in the news.  The pit bulls mauled Cedric Hawkins and left him seriously injured.  His wife set up a Gofundme page in December:
Chicago needs BSL to clean up neighborhoods
known for loose pit bulls
“The Story
Three large pit bulls attacked my husband, Cedric
in an alley in a community known for loose and trained attack dogs in April of this year. In less than 10 minutes Cedric was left with open wounds to his face, head, ears, arms, back and legs. All the while he was being attacked, he was fighting for his life and saying to himself over and over "I've got to get home to my wife". The vicious attack ended when police were called to the scene and shot and killed two of the dogs. The third dog was captured and transported to the city pound (and later euthanized). As one can only imagine, the scene was tragic and horrific! Rather than help my husband, passersby stood by and watched! This incident left Cedric unable to work for over 5 months while he endured painful physical and mental therapies. His wounds have healed, leaving behind scars but the mental anguish he continues to endure is unimaginable as he has been diagnosed with PTSD and takes medication to help with anxiety and restless nights. “

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