Jan 22, 2016 Joliet Pit Bulls Break Owner's Bones and Maul Dog

Joliet - BARBARA SZCZUROWSKI, 60, of the 3300 block of Timbers Edge, was charged with dog bite. The arrest occurred at SZCZUROWSKI’s home.

Officers with the Joliet Police Department responded to a call of a dog bite around 7:55 a.m., according to Joliet Deputy Chief Ed Gregory. As they arrived in the area, they heard gunshots. Officers found a 59-year-old off-duty Forest Preserve District of Will County officer and retired Will County deputy with a gun. 

The off-duty officer had received a call from his wife saying that she and her dog, Hannah, a medium-sized brown mix dog, were being attacked by two pit bulls, Mocha and Nala. One pit bull had Hannah by the throat while the other had her by the hind quarters. A neighbor who saw the incident had called the husband, as well.

One of the pit bulls bit the woman so hard it had broken her wrist. A 6-inch tooth also was found at the scene, Gregory said.

The owners got the pit bulls to release their dog, Hannah, and then Hannah ran away.

“Mocha began to run after our off-duty in an aggressive manner,” Gregory said. “He removed his hand gun and discharged three to four rounds, striking it in the face and front leg area.”

Mocha then returned home. 

The off-duty officer and his wife later found Hannah on the porch of their home in the 1900 block of Timber Edge, which is the next street over from Timber Edge Circle, but then Nala, one of the pit bulls showed up and Hanna was attacked again.

“This is when our female victim was assisted by other neighbors and started striking the dog with a baseball bat.”

The pit bull ran back to its residence and was brought inside by owner BARBARA SZCZUROWSKI.

Joliet Township Animal Control was called out, but wouldn’t take Mocha because of the severe injuries. The dog was taken to the vet and put down.

Hannah sustained around 60 puncture wounds to her body, but is expected to survive.
Neighbors told police this isn’t the first time the pit bulls have been aggressive and running at large.

SZCZUROWSKI was cited for having a dangerous dog and dogs running at large and was sent a note by the city’s legal department to turn Nala over to Animal Control to determine if the dog is dangerous or vicious.

SZCZUROWSKI’s pit bulls had attacked before in 2013 and the city of Joliet attempted to have SZCZUROWSKI’s dogs deemed dangerous or vicious, but a judge dismissed the charges.  

If anyone plans to sue in this case, they better keep a good eye on SZCZUROWSKI because the condo association has filed an injunction against her which may be the reason that her condo is now apparently up for sale.

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