Dec 30, 2016 Aurora Township Pit Bull Attacked Deputy

Aurora Township - A Kane County sheriff’s deputy was bitten in the foot by a pit bull while the police where trying to subdue and arrest its owner who was resisting. RASHAAN STRAWDER faces numerous charges after he apparently lured a man to his home, robbed him, and then sicced his pit bull on him.
Rashaan Strawder - Criminal Pit Bull Owner
After police arrived, he resisted, there was a struggle, and the pit bull attacked a deputy. Both the pit bull and STRAWDER were tazed. The deputy was treated at the hospital for the dog bite through his boot and then released.

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Dec 20, 2016 Urbana Pit Bull Attacked a Man in his own Home

Urbana - While pit bull owner ANGELA NELSON was out of the house, her room mate was attacked by her pit bull when her room mate, a 67-year-old man, reprimanded the pit bull for urinating in the house. The man received serious injuries to the face, was taken to the hospital.  The victim was in surgery for 4 hours and received 300 stitches to his face.

Urbana in December
The director of the Champaign County animal control department, Stephanie Joos, said that the pit bull had “very serious behavioral issues” and would be put down.

Dec 17, 2016 Three Chicago Pit Bulls Mauled a Man in an Alley

Chicago - This attack was never reported in the news.  The pit bulls mauled Cedric Hawkins and left him seriously injured.  His wife set up a Gofundme page in December:
Chicago needs BSL to clean up neighborhoods
known for loose pit bulls
“The Story
Three large pit bulls attacked my husband, Cedric
in an alley in a community known for loose and trained attack dogs in April of this year. In less than 10 minutes Cedric was left with open wounds to his face, head, ears, arms, back and legs. All the while he was being attacked, he was fighting for his life and saying to himself over and over "I've got to get home to my wife". The vicious attack ended when police were called to the scene and shot and killed two of the dogs. The third dog was captured and transported to the city pound (and later euthanized). As one can only imagine, the scene was tragic and horrific! Rather than help my husband, passersby stood by and watched! This incident left Cedric unable to work for over 5 months while he endured painful physical and mental therapies. His wounds have healed, leaving behind scars but the mental anguish he continues to endure is unimaginable as he has been diagnosed with PTSD and takes medication to help with anxiety and restless nights. “

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Dec 16, 2016 Huntley Pit Bull Invaded Yard and Attacked Basset Hound

Huntley - A neighbor’s pit bull invaded the yard of an elderly basset hound named Annie and a young shih tsu named Remi and severely mauled Annie. Their owner started a gofundme.

“On Thanksgiving morning, my pups, Annie (12yr old bassett hound) and Remi (1 yr old shitshu) were out in our back yard roaming our yard on their leads and the neighbors pit bull became loose from their yard and vicously attached my poor bassett hound Annie.   Both of my pups were outside at the time but only Annie was attacked.

For those of you who know the breed, Annie is a very mild mannered pup, doesnt bark, is super friendly and very playful.  With the attack happening on Thanksgiving our holiday was ruined.

Annie was taken to the Animal ER and went under surgery to repair the damage to her skin from the attack, she was left with numerious stitches and about a 10 inch gash, lots of bruising and in alot of pain.  At her 1st checkup after the attack it was discovered that Annie's skin was not healing and that she had developed a bad infection in the upper part of her wound.

Annie had to go under a second surgery to remove the dead and rotting skin and to clean the infection out and she received new stitches and , more medications and now more healing time.

With all of this trama on my poor pup, she has issues with being out in the yard for any length of time and she barely leaves my side.  Now when she is sleeping she is having nightmares, she starts to cry and growl in her sleep.

With everything that has happened with all of this, the police reports, animal control, vet bills and such, my neighbors are unwilling to help me with the expense of this, they have been issued citations and such and even animal control has a case pending against them for their dog. This is had been a very tramatic on me and my pups and has created a financial hardship.

My pups are my everything, they are my babies and are spoiled to death.  Annie and Remi and inseparable, they go everywhere together and are lost without each other.
I am seeking to raise funds to help pay for her medical expenses and to make sure she is secure and happy in our yard.  With all the funds raised it will pay her amounting medical bills which are currently about $2k and the remainder will be used to fence and secure the yard so that Annie and Remi will have a safe place to play.”

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Nov 17, 2016 Harvey Man Charged with Training Pit Bulls for Dogfighting

Harvey - A Harvey man has been charged with training dogs to fight at his south suburban home.

Tyran Johnson, 59, faces one count of possession of dogfighting equipment, according to the Cook County sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s police received a tip that Johnson was training dogs to fight at his home in the 14700 block of Washington Avenue in Harvey.

On Nov. 4, investigators executed a search warrant at his home and found four dogs, one of whom had scars and appeared to be underweight, another who had scars, another who was underweight and another who appeared to be healthy, according to the sheriff’s office.
AFour dogs were found at the home in south suburban Harvey
(Credit: Cook County sheriff’s office)
They also found a modified treadmill and spring poles among other equipment associated with dogfighting.

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Nov 11, 2016 Evanston Pit Bull Mauled Little Dog

Evanston - A sweet little dog named Munenca was mauled by a pit bull.  The attack wasn’t reported in the news.  The desperate owner started a Gofundme page for her.
Get Well Munenca!  Evanston Does Not Need Pit Bulls!
“Our beloved muñeca got attack by a pitbull who was off leash with no owner in site. She was bitten 8 times  which caused 10 bite wounds, one of which opened up her stomach, that caused her intestines to come out. The total amount for the surgery  comes out to be  around $3,500. Plus the more the get her back to being happy and healthy. We are asking  for any help that you can give to help pay for her costs because the owners of the pit bull are refusing to pay. We truly appreciate it . Please  keep our baby in your prayers she's a true hero and fighter, and she has been threw alot. Thanks for taking a moment of your time and as well to whom are helping as well thank you.”

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Oct 30 2016 Brownstown Pit Bull Attacked a Beagle

Harrley Is sad. I had to pull a pit bull mix off his throat tonight. If I'd have twisted that pit bulls collar just a little tighter I don't think it would have hurt anyone again. I had an adrenaline overload trying to save my little boy. Harrley is walking with a limp with his front legs now. For those people who say pit bulls are like other dogs or it is how they are raised, then why has the same neighbors boxer got along with my dog great? Why has my dog been attacked by a pit bull three different times? Three different pit bulls, on three different ocasions. In his almost 8 years of life no other breed has attacked him. I am so mad at the stupidity. Racoons are great pets until they all of a sudden for no apparent reason attack you and bite and scratch you to shreds. I've seen some major scars from racoons. It's in the dna. You may be able to suppress it, but you can't stop the behavior just waiting for that one trigger to set it off. I called 911 tonight and reported the attack, but they said all they could do was issue a citation for not being on a leash. Ok, this whole street has had the pleasure of letting our dogs run and get exercise while we are out walking them, so now we have to fear the pit bull and take the exercise away from our dogs. Don't bother. It seems everyone has rights now to make others miserable, but no one has the right to live safe and free from harm. But the police will be glad to issue a citation after someone is hurt or killed.

Oct 19, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Killed Yorkie; City Does Nothing

Chicago - While on a walk with his owner, a loose pit bull attacked and killed Oliver, an 8 year old, 8 pound Yorkshire terrier.  Oliver was the light of his owner’s life.  He did everything and went everywhere with Ashley Dombrow.
RIP Oliver
Ashley fought hard to pry the pit bull’s jaws open.  Then she tried to push Oliver’s intestines back inside his body as she rushed him to the vet, but he passed away.

She sought medical attention because she had bites from trying to get the pit bull to release Olver.

She wrote a long and heartbreaking testament to the love that she had for Oliver and to what a delightful little being Oliver was.

Ashley Dombrow
on Sunday
I am incredibly sad to tell you all that today was one of the most horrific days of my life. As I was taking Oliver out for a walk this afternoon, Oliver and I were viciously attacked by a pittbull. I am devastated to tell you all that Oliver did not make it and died as a result of the attack. It was truly one of the most horrific things I have ever experienced.
I was also bitten by the dog and I went to the urgent care hospital but I am fine - I got some shots and antibiotics. The dog that attacked us was not current on his shots, so animal control will have to test the dog for rabies and I may have to get some more treatment for that, but overall, Im physically okay.
As everyone knows, Oliver was the light of my life and that is probably an understatement. He was not just like any other dog, but he was incredibly special and not only special to me, but lit up the lives of everyone that knew him. He was there for me for everything in my life - the good and the bad - he was my baby, my world.
Every morning Oliver and I would wake up, get in the car and go to starbucks. I would get my drink and the people at starbucks would give him a little pup cup with some whip cream. Afterwards we would go on our morning walk and then start the day. Often Oliver would come with me to work or to the container store to design closets, would ride in the car with me everywhere and made friends with everyone he met. Every night we would lay in bed and I would give him a paw massage with his Burts Bee's doggie paw lotion and then he would curl up under my arm and we would go to bed.
Many of you know and love Oliver, and loved getting to spend time with him because he was such a joy to everyone he ever came in contact with. He wasn't really a dog - he was more like a little person. Many of you loved him as if he was your own. He was so special, so wonderful, there truly is no other dog out there like Oliver. He was absolutely the most amazing dog in the world.
I am so devastated I cannot begin to even start to move forward, even though I know I have to. When something terrible like this happens, you see people for who they truly are, and what I learned today was incredible. I have incredible neighbors, who rallied together during the attack to help me in every way possible. They called the police and filed police reports for me, they drove me and Oliver to the hospital, they cried, they hugged, they gathered all my mail (which was all over the place because I had it in my hand during the attack), they brought me flowers, they came to check on me. The people in my community are wonderful. But not only that, my best friend and sister, Anna Paris and my father, Tony Dombrow were there for me in a way I cannot even begin to describe. They were there at the hospital, they supported me, they got me medicine at the drug store, they got me food and water, they held my hand while I was getting shots, they cleaned up the blood I was covered in, they cried, they hugged, and they stayed with me so I wouldn't have to be alone. The words "Thank You" are just not enough. These two people saved my life last summer and they are here to my rescue again. I am incredibly fortunate to have Anna and my Dad.
Also I want to thank the most amazing friends and family, I would never have gotten through today without all of your amazing support. Seriously - I am so lucky to have you. Thank you Lindsey Newett, Samantha G Taylor, Gina Howe (Oliver's other mom and my Mama Gina), Sean Nearey and my Aunt Chris.
Oliver - I miss you and I love you and I know that you are in a better place right now, and that you are with my mom. I will never forget you, you will be with me every day. You were the light of my life and I love you in the most incredible way. There will never be another dog like you, and I am so sorry that you were taken from me this way. I am just so glad that you are not suffering.

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CBS Chicago

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2016 Illinois Cities With Pit Bull Problems That Won't or Can't Implement BSL

In 2003, Illinois pit bull advocates got a statewide ban on breed specific legislation passed.  Because Illinois has a strong home rule rights, larger cities and most counties are home rule municipalities by default.  And any town that passes a referendum can become a home rule municipality.  Having home rule powers means that a municipality can pass local ordinances unless the state "expressly" exercises "exclusive" statewide control.  Animal control has always been considered a local issue and, in reality, any home rule municipality that passed BSL would be able to enforce it.

As recently as 2013, in a ruling that further strengthens home rule rights, the Illinois Supreme Court ruled that, "Ordinances enacted by home rule municipalities trump state statutes unless the state expressly exercises exclusive control..."

Best Friends Animal Society is quick to falsely inform municipalities that BSL is illegal under state law and subtly let them know they'd support lawsuits against the city.  Most cities crumble under these threats, but in reality, a home rule municipality would be highly likely to prevail over any legal challenge to their home rule rights in the matter of animal control.

There are a few cities in Illinois that have legal, enforceable BSL on the books because they are home rule cities.  However, many of these cities have abandoned their safety ordinances after they receive letters from BFAS. Read the article below about Lincolnwood to see an example of the letters BFAS sends to cities when the issue of breed safety laws is put on the table.

Most of the cities in the news reports below have had terrible pit bull problems.  Some are searching for solutions, but none were willing to implement or enforce BSL in order to keep their residents safe.  Also included in the list are articles about non-home-rule towns that want to pass breed specific legislation, but cannot because they have not petitioned to obtain home rule status.


Oct 12, 2016 Oak Brook - A resident wants a pit bull and rotweiler ban, but unfortunately, Oak Brook is not a home rule city and cannot implement BSL because of a statewide ban on breed specific legislation.

February 2016  Joliet - While city committee members were in the midst of reworking dangerous dog laws prompted by pit bull attacks, another pit bull attack on a little dog that did $3,512 worth of damage revealed that nothing the committee members were working on would have addressed that attack because the Joliet city committee members refused to regulate pit bulls and were intent on trying to address pit bull problems with breed neutral ordinances.  That never works. Joliet could implement pit bull regulation as a home rule city.

Feb 09, 2016 Not One Lincolnwood Resident Opposed Removing BSL After Pit Bull Attacks.  Linconwood, as a home rule city, could have prevailed against legal challenge. Follow link to see an example of a threatening letter from Best Friends Animal Society that is sent to towns with BSL.

May, 2013 Bloomington is trying to require liability insurance for dogs designated dangerous after a serious attack on two people by a pit bull breeder's pit bull.  This will not prevent attacks and the laws are completely meaningless after a serious attack.  Bloomington can legally implement BSL.

Oct 12, 2016 Oak Brook Resident wants a Pit Bull and Rottweiler Ban

Oak Brook - A concerned resident who educated herself about the dangers of pit bulls and rotweilers by consulting brought her concerns about dangerous dogs and desire for a pit bull and rotweiler ban to the village board. The board has agreed to discuss it, but unfortunately Oak Brook is not a home rule municipality and cannot implement dog safety regulations even if they want to.

Oak Brook joins a long list of Illinois municipalities where residents want a pit bull ban, but their city, town or village can’t protect them adequately because of the pit bull lobby’s ban on pit bull bans in Illinois.

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Sep 14, 2016 La Salle Co. Rescue is Overrun with Unwanted Pit Bulls

La Salle County - The tan-and-white dog was one of 31 pit bulls stacked up Monday at Illinois Valley Animal Rescue, which saw an unusual rise in canines this summer.

The shelter had 44 dogs but usually averages 35 with less than half being pit bulls, said Chris Tomsha-Ellberg, director.

“It’s above average,” she said. “We’re used to certain times of the year when we get an influx of dogs but lately it’s all been pit bulls. Normally, it’s maybe 40 percent. They’re coming in a complete mess, hair missing, wounds, skinny, flea ridden, emaciated. It’s out of control now.”

McIntosh has worked at the shelter for six years, and this flood of dogs is unprecedented, he said.

“Eight of the last 10 dogs that came in were pit bulls,” he said.

“No one wants them,” Tomsha-Ellberg said on Facebook. “This is a drain on finances and a huge strain on our staff and volunteers.”

The shelter hired another person last week to help, she said, and issued a plea Monday for adopters.

The friendly pit bull that McIntosh showed the NewsTribune had scratches on its head.

“This dog’s probably going to cost us $200,” McIntosh said.

It is unfortunate that rescuers and backyard breeders are bringing pit bulls into LaSalle County because up to now, pit bull attacks have been relatively uncommon.  Expect that to change.

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News Trib

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Sep 14, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Still Alive After Mauling Two People

Chicago - Last September a UPS man was horribly mauled by a one year old female pit bull owned by DIANA SANCHEZ on the 1900 block of North Cicero Avenue.  The victim, Jesus Toledo lost part of his ear and part of his thumb in the attack.  His hand required extensive surgery to save function and he injured his back falling off the porch.  In addition he had injuries to his forearm, hands and ankle.
Mr. Toldedo is a hero for persisting in this to make
sure the vicious pit bull is put down so no one else can be hurt
The pit bull had mauled a cable company employee 6 months previous to this serious mauling.  Which means the pit bull was only 6 months old at the time of the first attack.  This is a seriously vicious animal.

And still a year later, the owner, DIANA SANCHEZ, was granted a continuance on her appeal after a judge ruled that the vicious pit bull be put down.  DIANA SANCHEZ must be judgment-proof if she still wants the pit bull back.  She obviously doesn't care if she maims or kills more people or pets.

And now Toledo is going to have to go to court once again to make sure no one else gets mauled by DIANA SANCHEZ' VICIOUS PIT BULL.

Toledo has had to go to court several times because Illinois law allows people to make endless appeals for the most obviously dangerous dogs.  The law needs to be changed so that when a dog mauls someone this badly, it gets put down without question.  And owners like DIANA SANCHEZ who allow this to happen should be severely punished.  This woman deserves jail time.

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CBS Chicago
CBS Chicago Video

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Sep 13, 2016 Joliet Pit Bull Attacked 79 year-old Ice Cream Man

Joliet - “If you’re from Joliet many of you have seen Manuel (aka Pancho) pushing his cart through Joliet… I decided to launch this campaign to help Pancho, a hard working 79 year old Joliet paltero man with back problems that was also recently attacked by a pitbull. He’s been pushing his cart all around Joliet for as long as I can remember and we’d like to help him out with his bills which include medical bills due to the pitbull attack in which he suffered from numerous bites while selling his ice cream.”
Joliet Needs to Protect Their Most Valuable and Beloved People
This attack was never reported in the news.

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UPDATE Dec 31, 2014 Joliet Dangerous Pit Bulls and Vicious Rottweiler Terrorizing North Reed Street

Sep 12, 2016 Decatur Pit Bulls Maul Elderly Woman

Decatur - Connie Vo, 60, was seriously mauled by two pit bulls that escaped from her ex-husband’s house when she visited to pick something up.  She was first in in tensive care, but has been moved to a regular room and has been hospitalized for a week so far.
Decatur Pit Bulls Maul an Elderly Woman
Pit bulls did “shocking” damage to Vo.  There were chunks of flesh removed and her face was horribly torn.

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Aug 20, 2016 Riverside Dogs Attack People and Kill a Dog

Riverside - An owner of a shepherd/beagle mix and a pit bull was out of the country and left his dogs with a dog walker. While the dog walker was walking the dogs in the affluent suburb on August 16, the shepherd/beagle lunged at a 65 year old man and bit him on his hand and on his chest. That dog had 2 previous bites last year so it was impounded and is to be designated vicious. The 65 year old victim refused an ambulance and said he would get medical attention himself.

Then, on August 18, the same dog walker was walking the pit bull when it saw a Havanese dog, pulled out of its collar and mortally wounded the gentle little dog in what police said was a “gruesome scene.” The 65 year old owner of the Havanese was also viciously attacked when he tried to protect his dog.
File Photo of a Havanese
Both dogs were removed from the neighborhood and are being kept at a vet clinic until the owner returns to the country. Many people have called police emphasizing that the pit bull attack occurred near a school. The police have assured the citizens of Riverside that the dogs have been removed from the neighborhood.
Riverside Needs to Ban Pit Bulls
Police are acting differently here because Riverside is an affluent village. The median income for a household is $64,931 and for a family $80,146. The entire village is on the National Historic Landmark because it was designed by the Father of Landscape Architecture, Fredrick Law Olmsted and features homes designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, William Le Baron Jenney, and others.

Aug 16, 2016 Elwood Pit Bull Kills Owner’s Cat; Owner lies to dump pit bull

This is how the story should read.  You’ll notice that the original story doesn’t focus on the fact that a pit bull evidently broke its leg because it was so intent on killing a cat.  Which it evidently did.
Elwood Illinois doesn't need pit bulls
Elwood - Starr Vesely’s pit bull killed her cat, so she wanted to get rid of the pit bull.  She called the Will county Animal Control and told them that the pit bull was a stray that she’d taken in and it immediately killed her cat and she wanted them to come get it.  The shelter said she had to call police.  She did, and the pit bull was removed.  The shelter found that the pit bull also had a broken leg and Vesely says that happened while the pit bull was chasing the cat in order to kill it.

However, photos of the supposed stray were found on Vesely’s facebook page from as far back as last October.  Vesely was charged with making a false report to police.

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Joliet Patch

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Aug 15, 2016 Joliet Pit Bulls Nearly Kill Woman

Joliet - A woman who was cleaning her father’s enclosed backyard while he was away was attacked by two pit bulls being kept there.  A neighbor called 911 when she heard screaming.  When police arrived, they saw one pit bull mauling the woman’s head, and the other mauling her leg.  Police shot the pit bull mauling the woman’s leg and both pit bulls ran away.

The woman said the dogs attacked with no warning and that she thought she was going to die.  Her injuries were considered possibly life-threatening, but she is expected to survive.

This being Illinois, comments on some of the news stories quickly devolved into inane bullying where protecting pit bulls and blaming the owner is merely an extension of virulent racism and classism.  A photo of the entire block where the incident took place shows a typical middle class neighborhood.
The block where this nearly fatal pit bull attack took place

Read more:
The Herald News
Joliet Patch

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Aug 13, 2016 Burr Ridge Pit Bull Bites Police Officer Who Saved It From Hot Car

Burr Ridge - Passersby reported a pit bull inside a hot car.  When police arrived, they determined that the pit bull was having difficulty breathing so they removed the pit bull and took it to DuPage County Animal Control.  On the way there, the pit bull bit one of the police officers who received emergency room treatment.

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Aug 12, 2016 Yorkville Woman Ticketed in Dog Bite Incident

Yorkville - A woman was issued a city ordinance violation citation because of a dog bite following an investigation by Yorkville Police.

The dog bite occurred Sunday morning around 9:00.

Officers issued that ticket to 44-year-old Michele Schuster of Titus Drive in Yorkville.

The victim who was bitten told police that he was running in the 2000 block of Titus Drive when the dog ran up to him and allegedly bit the man on his right calf, puncturing the skin.

The exact breed of the dog was not released by police.

But here is a photo of the dog that looks like a pit bull/lab mix

The victim was treated at a nearby hospital and did not require any stitches.

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Aug 11, 2016 Rockford Pit Bull Attacks Police Officer During Drug Raid

Rockford - When police broke into a suspected drug house during a bust, a pit bull broke out of its cage and latched on to a police officer’s leg.  Another deputy  shot the pit bull, but the bullet also grazed the deputy’s leg.  
Rockford Needs Breed Specific Legislation
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Aug 09, 2016 Chicago Alderman Lopez Uses Sick Stray Pit Bull Death To Push “No Kill”

Chicago - A new pet-activist alderman, Raymond Lopez (15th) is using the death of a sick stray pit bull as an excuse to push for No Kill in Chicago.  He has enlisted none other than the great and powerful Alderman Ed Burke in introducting a resolution to make Chicago a “no kill” city.  Burke must think there’s an angle in it or he thinks appealing to the well-heeled Chicago animal philanthropists will distract people enough to forget the recent discovery that he runs a $100 million worker’s compensation program completely in the dark.  

Read more:

Alderman Ed Burke is the oldest and most powerful alderman in Chicago

Aug 07, 2016 Springfield Pit Bull Attacks Owner's Son

Springfield - According to a local news blog, a pit bull with history of biting and of killing animals including another pit bull puppy attacked its owner's son.   The police were called, but despite the attack history, the pit bull was not taken and the owner was not cited.  The pit bull owner's son and daughter fill in details in the comments. This attacking pit bull has attacked other people and killed animals including a 4 month old pit bull puppy named Chloe. News outlets did not cover this serious pit bull attack.

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Springfield IL Exposed

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Aug 05, 2016 Norridge pit bull owner Owner fails to show at dangerous dog hearing

Norridge - A pit bull onwer responsible for at least four attacks didn’t show in court, so judge just says, “Oh well, nothing we can do.  We’ll have to wait until he sees fit to show up before we can proceed with chargers.”  Funny, it doesn’t work that way for traffic court or…most other charges.

Two dog owners whose pets were injured in separate attacks in June 2014 and July of this year appeared at the court hearing at Village Hall to provide testimony against 48-year-old Vincenzo Recchia, the man who owns the pit bull.

Recchia, of the 4900 block of North Chester Avenue, is facing charges that he failed to restrain an unlicensed dog and did not have current rabies vaccinations for Vida, the pit bull police said attacked a Chihuahua and miniature pinscher being walked by their owner Will Leinberger on July 5 on the 8500 block of Ainslie Street.

According to Leinberger, who brought photos of his blood-drenched face to court with him to show the extent of his injuries from the day of the attack, Recchia grabbed the pit bull from his hands and ran back to his home after the attack, and his whereabouts are now unknown. His house has a for sale sign outside, and police couldn't say whether he still lived at the home, according to Leinberger.

Administrative Judge Donald Devlin was scheduled to decide whether to classify Vida as vicious at the Aug. 4 hearing, but despite Leinberger being in court along with another neighbor, Cindy Busse, whose poodle was reportedly injured two years ago by the same dog, Devlin continued the case to Sept. 8.

"We can't take (Recchia's) testimony because he's not here," Devlin said. "Sometimes freedom and democracy don't make a lot of sense."

The village designates dogs as vicious on a case-by-case basis, determined by the frequency and severity of its bites. If Vida would have been designated as vicious, the village would have required Recchia to keep the dog inside a 6-foot-tall enclosure, with the village having the authority to impound and euthanize it if the dog were to leave the property, according to police.

The continuance granted by the judge set the scene for a time of waiting for the victims, who said they live in fear of another attack.

Read more:
Chicago Tribune

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Jul 27, 2016 Lake County Pit Bulls Declared Dangerous After Attack On Dog

Lake Zurich - Two pit bulls that attacked a German shepherd mix have been declared dangerous. 

The pit bulls busted out of their fenced yard and attacked the german shepherd mix that was being walked with its owners.

So far this year, four dogs have been declared dangerous in Lake County.

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Jul 19, 2016 Skokie Family Pit Bull Attacks Boy

Skokie -  An 11-year-old north suburban boy was hospitalized Tuesday morning after he was bit by his family’s pit bull.

About 11:15 a.m., the boy was sitting on the couch next to the dog in the 8300 block of Christiana Avenue in Skokie. A family member then heard barking and screaming at the home, according to Skokie Police Officer Eric Swaback.
The dog and boy had been separated when police and fire officials arrived at the scene.  The boy suffered “numerous” puncture and bite marks, and was taken to Skokie Hospital, Swaback said. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening.
The dog was taken away by animal control.

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Jul 18, 2016 Norridge Pit Bull Attacks Chihuahua, Min Pin

Norridge - Vincenzo Recchia, 48, of the 4900 block of North Chester Avenue, Norridge, was cited July 5 for having an unleashed vicious dog and not having a local dog license. Police said Recchia's pit bull got loose and attacked a Chihuahua and a miniature pinscher as they were being walked by their owner on the 4800 block of Greenwood Avenue.

File photo of a pit bull
The pit bull bit both dogs on their necks and bodies, according to police. As the owner of the Chihuahua and miniature pinscher tried to get the pit bull away from his dogs, it bit him in the face and left forearm, police said. The owner of the pit bull told police his dog escaped his backyard through an open gate. He also told police his dog had attacked other dogs and people in the past. Recchia was also cited for failure to vaccinate his dog against rabies. An administrative court hearing is scheduled for Aug. 8 at Norridge Village Hall.

The only other recorded pit bull attack in Norridge is this same owner and pit bull's attack almost exactly 2 years ago in 2014. The link is below in related posts.

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Jul 12, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Attacks Three Dogs at Montrose Beach Dog Park

Chicago  - A pit bull lovin’ rescuer got her dog attacked by a pit at Montrose dog beach.  Two other dogs were also attack, one elderly dog was seriously injured.  Everyone is is blaming the fact that the pit was in heat even though other people have offered that the same pit has been aggressive in the past.  

Many commenters have said they will no longer go to dog parks because of dumb owners bringing aggressive dogs, but as two of the last commenters noted, no one is willing to accept the truth that this is about pit bulls.

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Jul 11, 2016 Chicago Pit Bull Charged Police and Was Shot

Chicago - Dorothy Holmes’ pit bull was shot when police responded to a vicious animal call. The pit bull, which is called a bull mastiff in the news story, charged police when they arrived and police shot and killed.

Shot by police - obviously a pit bull and not a bull mastiff
Holmes is the mother of Ronald Johnson whom police shot in in 2014 when he ran from police with a gun in his hand.

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