Jul 18, 2016 Norridge Pit Bull Attacks Chihuahua, Min Pin

Norridge - Vincenzo Recchia, 48, of the 4900 block of North Chester Avenue, Norridge, was cited July 5 for having an unleashed vicious dog and not having a local dog license. Police said Recchia's pit bull got loose and attacked a Chihuahua and a miniature pinscher as they were being walked by their owner on the 4800 block of Greenwood Avenue.

File photo of a pit bull
The pit bull bit both dogs on their necks and bodies, according to police. As the owner of the Chihuahua and miniature pinscher tried to get the pit bull away from his dogs, it bit him in the face and left forearm, police said. The owner of the pit bull told police his dog escaped his backyard through an open gate. He also told police his dog had attacked other dogs and people in the past. Recchia was also cited for failure to vaccinate his dog against rabies. An administrative court hearing is scheduled for Aug. 8 at Norridge Village Hall.

The only other recorded pit bull attack in Norridge is this same owner and pit bull's attack almost exactly 2 years ago in 2014. The link is below in related posts.

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