Jan 29, 2017 Hainesville Pit Bull Attacked Husky

UPDATE: The Husky has died from a broken neck. Notice that the description of the attack and of the injuries to the husky were both minimized in the original reporting.  The pit bull still has not been found.

Anyone with information about the attack or the dog is asked to call Round Lake Police at (847) 270-9111

Round Lake Park - A 68 year old woman was injured when she tried to stop a loose pit bull from attacking her Siberian husky on the 300 block of Grandview Drive in Round Lake Park. An unidentified woman came and took the pit bulls away without identifying herself or offering to pay for the medical damage to the husky.
File photo of a husky

The husky’s owner was taken to the hospital by ambulance, treated and released and the husky was taken for veterinary care for injuries to its ear “and elsewhere”. Her hands were severely injured. Police are asking for help to find the black pit bull and the owner whom they believe lives in Hainesville. The husky owner wants the pit bull found because it is “obviously dangerous.” Police say if the owner is found there will be charges.

RIP Tika - from Gofundme page

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Four-legged friends (and enemies)

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