Oct 30 2016 Brownstown Pit Bull Attacked a Beagle

Harrley Is sad. I had to pull a pit bull mix off his throat tonight. If I'd have twisted that pit bulls collar just a little tighter I don't think it would have hurt anyone again. I had an adrenaline overload trying to save my little boy. Harrley is walking with a limp with his front legs now. For those people who say pit bulls are like other dogs or it is how they are raised, then why has the same neighbors boxer got along with my dog great? Why has my dog been attacked by a pit bull three different times? Three different pit bulls, on three different ocasions. In his almost 8 years of life no other breed has attacked him. I am so mad at the stupidity. Racoons are great pets until they all of a sudden for no apparent reason attack you and bite and scratch you to shreds. I've seen some major scars from racoons. It's in the dna. You may be able to suppress it, but you can't stop the behavior just waiting for that one trigger to set it off. I called 911 tonight and reported the attack, but they said all they could do was issue a citation for not being on a leash. Ok, this whole street has had the pleasure of letting our dogs run and get exercise while we are out walking them, so now we have to fear the pit bull and take the exercise away from our dogs. Don't bother. It seems everyone has rights now to make others miserable, but no one has the right to live safe and free from harm. But the police will be glad to issue a citation after someone is hurt or killed.