Aug 16, 2016 Elwood Pit Bull Kills Owner’s Cat; Owner lies to dump pit bull

This is how the story should read.  You’ll notice that the original story doesn’t focus on the fact that a pit bull evidently broke its leg because it was so intent on killing a cat.  Which it evidently did.
Elwood Illinois doesn't need pit bulls
Elwood - Starr Vesely’s pit bull killed her cat, so she wanted to get rid of the pit bull.  She called the Will county Animal Control and told them that the pit bull was a stray that she’d taken in and it immediately killed her cat and she wanted them to come get it.  The shelter said she had to call police.  She did, and the pit bull was removed.  The shelter found that the pit bull also had a broken leg and Vesely says that happened while the pit bull was chasing the cat in order to kill it.

However, photos of the supposed stray were found on Vesely’s facebook page from as far back as last October.  Vesely was charged with making a false report to police.

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