Aug 08, 2017 Springfield Pit Bulls Seriously Maul Sleeping 3-year-old Girl

Springfield - Three-year-old Mirra Kay Neal was napping when two pit bulls she had known and played with all her life seriously mauled her in a completely unprovoked attack requiring 7 hours of surgery.  The pit bulls inflicted 82 lacerations with over 52 to just her face.

The pit bulls have been put down.  They were owned by a long-time friend of Mirra’s father.  A facebook page was set up for her where her parents admonished commenters to not put down pit bulls.

At least this attack was reported.  That is a big thing in Illinois where the media usually won’t even report pit bull attacks.  A fatal attack, probably committed by a pit bull, in Quincy this year has been completely swept under the rug.  This is an extreme disservice to the citizens of Illinois.

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