Mar 25, 2016 Elgin Pit Bull Kills Leashed Jack Russell Terrier Unprovoked

Elgin - A brown medium sized pit bull with cropped ears and wearing a brown collar came out of nowhere and attacked and killed a leashed Jack Russell Terrier unprovoked and off property.
RIP Sweet Buddy
The Courier-News has cowardly chosen not to call the pit bull a pit bull and instead called the dog a “medium-size brown dog with clipped ears.”  This is in service to fighting dog enthusiasts who can’t stop fighting dogs from killing our dogs, so they dictate to news outlets that they must not name pit bulls in the hope that the general public will swallow the lie that any medium sized dog will just rush up and kill a Jack Russell Terrier.  They are hoping the community will forget that pit bulls are the only medium sized dog with cropped ears that will likely kill a Jack Russell Terrier.

The Courier-News didn’t bother to report the details of the attack, how the Jack screamed, how the owner was traumatized and devastated by watching this extreme violence.

Do not forget that news outlets reported on the terrible problem Elgin has had with dangerous and killer  pit bulls since 2002.  Enough of these attacks were reported in the news to keep the public aware of the danger until an exceptionally good investigative report came out in 2012 that very unfavorably compared Elgin’s dog issues with Aurora and Naperville.  After that, reporting on Elgin pit bull attacks virtually stopped.  

Did the pit bull attacks stop?  No.  They are just not reported.  And now if they are reported, they’ll be reported as a medium-sized dog. The public has no idea if the pit bull problem is getting better or worse or if there are more or fewer attacks in their community because of this combination of not reporting and hiding the breed when pit bulls are involved.

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