Feb 25, 2016 Another Joliet Pit Bull Attack Reveals Weakness in Law

Joliet - Stewart Warren was walking her two Yorkshire terriers on Marion street when a pit bull attacked on of them.  The injured dog was treated for a broken rib and a dislocated shoulder.  The animal hospital charged Warren $3,512.  
Warren told the council, “This dog is still in my neighborhood.”  
“I’ve had people tell me to get a concealed carry permit in case something like this happens again.”

Committee members studying the problem note that the changes to the Dangerous Dog Ordinance does not address what happens at the time of an attack.  No provisions have been made to mandate who must respond to a dog attack call 24/7 or how to make sure the dangerous dog is removed from the neighborhood.  They note that it is wrong that people be terrorized by dangerous dogs left in the neighborhood until a hearing can take place.

Their concerns are well placed and hopefully they will address those issues.  But a breed neutral ordinance that only comes into effect after the fact will not stop little dogs, their owners or children from being horrifically attacked.  Joliet needs a ban on new pit bulls.

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