Mar 29, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Crossed Street to Attack

Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Near the Corner of Berteau and Clark

Chicago - At the corner of Berteau and Clark yet another unreported pit bull attack. In this neighborhood with two three-legged pit bulls, the owner must be a self-congratulatory, full-of-herself, idiotic rescue angel who ran away from this owner.  She's probably got a blog about her two Tripod Pitties in the City, too.

From Everyblock:

"A warning to all dog walkers/pet owners: Today I was attacked by a pit bull.

There were two 3 legged pit bulls walking on the opposite of Grace from me as I walked my dog. The two dogs started freaking out as we walked past, on the opposite side of the street, one of the dogs broke free from its owner and I watched as it came bolting across grace toward my dog.
The owner was shouting at me to "quick get my dog" and I remember thinking "Lady I have my dog right here, your dog is loose?!" but I didn't get a chance to say anything.

I have never had an encounter with a vicious dog before. This dog jumped at my dog in a way that I can only describe as dog fighting. I instinctively lifted me leg toward the dog to get it away from mine, and it circled back around and went for my dog again. I put my arm in the way and was bit in the wrist and subsequently my knee as I tired to get the dog off my arm with my other leg. It seemed like it took forever, as I realized this dog was really biting me, finally the owner grabbed her dog and wrapped herself around the dog in a protective manner or in some attempt to prevent the dog from seeing anything. I remember my blood pumping really good and calling the dog a psycho and telling her the dog was a danger. I should have called the cops but my injuries were minor and my dog was unhurt. I just wanted to get away from the situation. If the owner was not around, nothing short of incapacitating the dog would have stopped its attack. Please be careful or if you know these dogs owners please advise them to muzzle, properly leash, and attempt to rehabilitate their animal who obviously was involved in dog fighting. The more I think about it the more unsettled I am by the whole event."

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Mar 21, 2017 Chicago Pack of Pit Bulls Invade Yard and Kill Beloved Beagle Mix

Chicago - A woman let her beagle mix named Sadie out to relieve herself when 6 stray pit bulls and mixes jumped their fence. Sadie’s owner tried to get Sadie inside, but couldn’t before the pit mixes got to her and mauled her to death.
RIP Sadie
Sadie was owned by an elderly couple. Both were hearing impaired and the husband was visually impaired as well. Sadie acted as their alert dog and helped them function. Not only is the family devastated by her loss, but her owners don’t have their helper.

Rescuers rounded up the pit bulls and are hoping they can be rehabilitated and adopted out. While a couple rescuers showed genuine concern, most only showed passing concern for Sadie and her family.

Six pit bulls that killed Sadie at CACC

Even though the Chicago Police Department and Chicago Animal Care and Control were involved, the media did not pick up this story which is a shame because the publicity might have brought help to the elderly couple.

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Mar 21, 2017 Belleville Pit Bull Kills Dachshund in Owner's Arms

Belleville  - This is another unreported pit bull attack found on facebook.  
This is my boy Snickers. He loved and brought a smile to everyone he came in contact with. Last night the neighbors pit bull attacked Snickers while he was in my arms. He died later last night while he was with the Vet overnight. I loved him like a son!!
RIP Snickers-BSL saves lives!

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Mar 17 2017 Downers Grove Pit Bull Attacks Neighbor

Downers Grove - SHARI BERG is an irresponsible backyard breeder whose pit bull, named Bella Viscious, recently attacked her neighbor.  Her only public show of sympathy on facebook has been for her pit bull, while showing none for her neighbor, even blaming her, though BERG freely admits that the attack was "pretty bad."

Bella Viscious had just had a litter of 8 puppies in January.  Assuming that SHARI BERG was attempting to name her pit bull Bella Vicious and not Bella Viscous, there's a good chance that BERG had an inkling of the aggressive temperament of her pit before she bred it.  And now 8 spawn of the vicious Bella have been dispersed in the vicinity of Downers Grove and she's trying to rehome the vicious Bella, too.

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Mar 17, 2017 Bensenville Pit Bull Attacked Man Unprovoked

Benseville - A loose, white pit bull attacked 2-year-old-man was going to his car with a friend.  Chris Kazmierczak began jogging to the car because he was cold and a pit bull ran up behind him and attacked him. 

The pit bull had a collar and Kazmierczak’s friend was able to pull the pit bull off and kick it away.  It only took 20 seconds for the pit bull to inflict devastating damage to Kazmierczak’s hands and arms.  He works construction and won’t be able to work for at least 2 months.

Kazmierczak’s mother is angry because the police were called, but they decided not to go investigate.  She is worried that the pit bull will not be found and will be a danger to the neighborhood.

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Mar 15, 2017 Chicago Pit Bull Attacked Girl-Owner Runs With Dog

Chicago - Another unreported attack in Chicago.  A Chicago woman shared on facebook that her daughter was attacked by a pit bull at the bus stop at S. Clyde ave and 100th st. The pit bull owner ran away with the pit bull and didn’t even try to see if she was OK.

Police were called and have said they are looking for the owner and the dog, but they have not found them.


The daughter went to the emergency room and had to return a week later for surgery.  Her mother said she had of stitches 
and was in a lot of pain.  

If anyone knows anything about the attack or about a male pit bull owner in the area of the bus stop, please contact police.

March 14, 2017 Elmwood Park Pit Bull Attacked Woman


Elmwood Park - "Today I was attacked by a pit bull on 74th ave."  The woman says that she jumped into bushes to avoid being bitten by a loose pit bull.

Mar 13, 2017 Belvidere Pit Bull Attacks Owner and Owner's Service Pit Bull

Belvidere - Lael Lewand is a super pit bull supporter.  She has a supposed pit bull service dog named Isis and another big pit bull named Keiko.   Lael started a facebook page for the pit bulls called Isis, head of the itty bitty pittie committee & Keiko too.  Lael says on her page she has been diagnosed with several conditions including depression, bipolar disorder, and borderline personality disorder.

The big pit bull named Keiko attacked Isis.  Lael's face was really torn up and she went to the emergency room in an ambulance.  She put a photo of her damage, and the damage to Isis up in public facebook posts.  There was no news outlet reporting of these attacks.  Lael referred to previous attacks in a recent post.

The attacker is back home with the owner, but kept in his own room.  A lonely old lab has to be kept in a bedroom, as well, to keep him from being attacked from both pit bulls.

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Mar 02, 2017 Springfield Pit Bull Attacks Police K9 and is Fatally Shot

Springfield - CHRYSTAL MUSGROVE’s pit bull-boxer mix got out of its cage, jumped a fence and attacked a police K9 that was working. 
Springfield Illinois needs BSL

Mar 02, 2017 Galesburg Pit Bull with Bite History May Be Up For Adoption

Galesburg - Residents believe that the Knox County Humane Society may be adopting out a dangerous pit bull with an extensive bite history.  Will they never learn?

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