Jun 10, 2016 Boulder Hill Pit Bull Attacked a Woman and Was Shot Dead

Boulder Hill - The reporting on this has been absolutely bizarre.  There have been reports and updates mostly about the pit bull.  The focus has not been on the fact a woman was seriously mauled.  There have been updates on why the pit bull was shot, but scant attention is given the health and well-being of the victim.

On may 15th an American bulldog attacked the mother of its owner inside the mother’s home.  The woman grabbed a hammer, but the attack continued outside where the woman collapsed.

Neighbors saw the attack and some of them managed to stop the attack with a baseball bat and a knife.  When deputies came, they asked the woman if they could shoot the menacing dog, she said yes, and then they shot it, killing it.

A lot of reporting space is being taken up talking about the deputies justifications for shooting the mauler.

When firefighters came, they saw she was in a lot of pain with injuries to her hands, stomach and feet.

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