Aug 25, 2017 Indiana Vet Aids Willow Springs Dogfighter

Whiting IN - Martin Jakubowski, Whiting IN Superintendent of Animal Control and Parks admits to helping convicted dogfighter Pedro Cuellar of Willow Springs in several ways. Jakubowski housed several of Cuellar’s pit bulls for him on several occassions from 2011 to 2016. He gave Cuellar expired antibiotics that were the property of the city shelter. And he gave the dogfighte two pit bulls without paperwork knowing that that the dogfighter intended to transfer the pit bulls to other people. Jakubowski was involved in a “roll” dog fight in 2004.
Beautiful Willow Springs Doesn't Need Dogfighters or Pit Bulls

“A “roll” is a dog fight staged for the purpose of assessing the fighting characteristics of a dog or dogs, rather than for wagering purposes, and is generally stopped by the handlers before serious injuries result.”

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