Oct 13, 2017 West Peoria Pit Bull Attacked Small Dog, 2 People

West Peoria - Two men saw a pit bull attacking a dachshund that was being walked on a leash by a 70 year old woman. The pit bull climbed over a 5 foot gate to get out of its yard and went after the woman who was walking two dachshunds. The woman fell to the ground trying to get the pit bull off her dog. Two neighbors came out to help and both were bitten, one reportedly was bitten badly.

The dachshund had at least 20 puncture wounds, some of them very large. The victim's daughter says that the pit bull had attacked a German shepherd in May of this year. The victim's daughter also reports that the pit bull owner never even asked if she could help the victim.

The owner of the pit bull said that Thursday marked the first time she let the dog outside without a leash. The owner was inside when she heard commotion, then came outside to retrieve the dog, according to the report. Then she called police.

Deputies said the smaller dog had a “U-shaped cut” on its right side. It was taken to a vet by its owner, but the severity of its injury was not specified by police.

Peoria County Animal Protection Services took the pit bull for quarantine. Further information was not immediately available about the dog’s fate.

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