Jul 26, 1908 Springfield Bulldog Attacks Small Dog

Vicious Animal Belong to Dan Hayes Causes Trouble on Seventh Street.

Springfield - When Dan Hayes allowed his vicious bulldog to attack a small canine near Seventh and Jefferson streets last night he endangered the safety of several women and babies who were in the vicinity of the encounter.  The police escorted Hayes and his bulldog to the city prison and gave both berths behind lock and key.
A number of women and children were occupying the sidewalk near Gehlman's barn and were playing with a small dog belonging to John Guyott when Hayes came along with a vicious fighting dog in leash.  After he had passed the crowd Hayes turned his dog loose and allowed it to attack the smaller canine.  The big bulldog bit the smaller one in the most cruel and bloodthirsty manner and Hayes made no effort to call his brute off.
In the struggle the two dogs fell among the women and children and several had narrow escapes.  Not until the small dog had been nearly killed was Hayes induced to draw off his animal.  Hayes has a local reputation as a fighter and owing to his condition it was thought best to put him behind the bars for the night.  A warrant charging cruelty to animals will be sworn out against him tomorrow.

Daily Illinois State Journal, Springfield, IL, July 26, 1908, p. 4