Sep 08, 1895 The Farmer Brothers' Dogfight- Phil Whips Dandy

Dogs Fight Desperately in the Town of Worth

Worth - Three hundred sports witnessed a dog fight which lasted for one hour and ten minutes yesterday afternoon in Peterson's Grove, in the town of Worth.

The contenders were Farmer Bros.' bulldog Dandy, a pure white bull, and Harry Manning's white and brindle, Phil.

The dogs were thrown into the pit at 4 o'clock and, save for two slip holds, clung on tenaciously for the time stated.  Neck and body holds obtained throughout.  Dandy was frightfully cut about the throat and stomach and may have to be destroyed.

This is the first time that the Farmer boys have lost a dog fight since the memorable days of Slophouse eight years ago.

Some of the sports went on bicycles and others in carriages and the evening train carried about sixty to the pit.  Each dog is 4 years old and weighed in at 47 pounds.

The purse was $225.  Joe Farmer looked after the interests of his dog and Matt Whirley was behind Mannings's.  John McLaughlin acted as timekeeper and Clark Penney was referee.  James ("Dad") McCormick officiated as stakeholder.

When Farmer Bros. dog refused to scratch after a siege of one hour and ten minutes, Referee Penney awarded the fight to Phil.

The betting, even money, was very spirited, and a big "bunch of the ready" changed hands.  Among the Chicago sports around the pit were the following: James M. Daly, Frank O'Rourke, "Paddy" Ryan, William Christie, Thomas Boland, George Piper, the Farmer brothers, "Dad" McCormick, "Paddy" O'Shea, John Conway, Pat Lane, Herman Schultz, "Billy" Miller, J. Riley, "Pat" Griffin, "Pat" Curtin, and others.

The Sunday Inter Ocean, p. 11, September 08, 1895