Jul 09, 1900 Rockford Woman Attacked by Bulldog

While returning from her work at the Forest City Knitting Co. a few days ago, the daughter of Pontus Peterson was attacked by a vicious bulldog which was the property of a man residing on Kishwaukee street, near the city limits.  The dog, without provocation, tore at the young lady's apparel and becoming embldened, buried his teeth in her shoulder, inflicting a severe wound.  Miss Peterson was able to proceed to her home, where she apprised her family of the attack.

Neighbors have entered repeated complaints about the canine, which had an unenviable reputation, even for a dog, and when Mr. Peterson's complaint was added to the list, with its incriminating evidence, Chief Bargren determined to end the animal's career.  With that end in view, he dispatched Officer Bunt with his trusty weapon.  The doughty policeman located the dog after a wearying search and sent a bullet through its brain.  The dog lay down and died.