Feb 15, 1908 Quincy Bulldog Bites Man in the Face

Christ Meyer at Blessing Hospital, Seriously Injured in Encounter with a Bulldog

Quincy - Christ Meyer, who resides on Twenty-seventh street, was bitten in the face by D.N. Wisherd's bull dog, last evening, about 5 o'clock and is now at Blessing hospital under the care of a physician.

Meyer, who is in the habit of making daily visits to Wisherd's oyster house on North Sixth street to gather up the refuse from the oyster pails and the celery stock, came toards the office last evening, in the rear of which the dog and her seven little puppies are quartered.  The old dog objected to the intrusion and sprang into Meyer's face, tearing out a piece of his upper lip, lacerating the bridge of his nose and the right cheek under the eye.  Dr. Knapheide dressed the injuries and the patient was removed to the hospital.

Meyer Sued Wisherd for $2,000 dollars.  The progress of the suit was reported on throughout the year, but the jury's judgment was not reported.

Quincy Daily Journal, Quincy, IL, February 15, 1908, p.2