Jan 10, 1897 Quincy Vicious Bull Dog Attacks Boy

A Vicious Bull Dog
Attacks a little boy Named Harwood in Franklin Park

Quincy-W.C. Buchet, who lives on the north side of Maiden Lane, between Third and Fourth street has a vicious bulld dog that should be killed.  The dog attacked Roy Harwood, the son of G.W. Harwood, while he was in Franklin park and came very near injuring him very baly.  The dog started for the boy's neck, but fortunately got hold of his clothing instead of his flesh.  The dog also bit the boy in the neck.  Mr. Harwood lives at 620 South Third street street.  He notified Buchet to kill the vicious dog, an Buchet would not promise to do so, but promised to keep the dog chained.  Mr. Harwood should take steps to put that dog where he will never again bite a child.

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