Aug 18, 1906 Rockford Bulldog Bites Off Man's Nose

Rockford - H.H. Brannan, the photographer, is carrying a white bandage on the end of his nose, showing that a surgeon has been tinkering with the organ.  The necessity for the surgeon's stitches and ointment is due to the fact that Mr. Brannan was playing with a bull dog owned by Roy R. Curtis, and blew into the dog's face.  The dog resented the action and grabbed hold of the endi of Mr. Brannan's nose.  The teeth not only penetrated into the nose, but the end is missing and a considerable portion of the cuticle is also gone.  At any rate the action of the dog has postponed Mr. Brannan's visit to Freeport.  He will remain here for a few days.

Rockford Republic, August 18, 1906, Rockford, IL, p. 6