Nov 10, 1905 Urbana: Loose Bull Dogs Fight Each Other on Downtown Street

Here is a Job For the Urbana Police

Urbana - The wrong of letting bulldogs run upon downtown streets unless they are properly chained was again exemplified Friday morning by a repulsive fight between two great dogs of the bull variety, corner Main and Market streets.  The vicious animals both had a death grip on each other and it was a difficult task to separate them.  This was not a nice exhibition by any means on the downtown corner.

If we are not mistaken there is a city ordinance making the owner of a vicious dog responsible for allowing the animal to run unchained upon the streets, where it may attack smaller and less harmless (sic) dogs, and perhaps kill them.  Bulldogs have no business running loose in the business portion and it is the duty of the police to see that whatever law exists regarding this matter is rigidly enforced.  That bulldog fight should awaken the officers to the fact that their vigilance is needed in this line.