Apr 18, 1906 Rockford: Steward Shot Vicious Bulldog

That Bit Wheelman - Emmett McCarty Suffered Badly Lacerated Leg as Result of Dog From Rural District Mistaking His Place
Rockford - Emmett McCarty, 312 South Church Street, is today limping as the result of an encounter with a vicious dog and counts himself fortunate that it did not result more seriously.  The wound was almost immediately cauterized by Dr. Walker but the youth will be compelled to keep in close touch with the physician for a few days at least until the danger is assuredly over.

McCarty is 12 years old and was riding his bicycle down South Main Street yesterday afternoon when a bulldog belonging to Mrs. E.H. Stickles who resides on Rural Route No. 2 ran out at him from the Stickles rig which was tied in front of the Schuelin store and buried his teeth in the boy's leg.  The animal had just previously chased another bicyclist who made a good escape.

Officer Stewart awaited the return of Mrs. Stickles and told her that the animal would have to be shot.  The brute was taken to the station and an end was put to his cussedness by the officer.  In the country such animals are common and do not seem to be controlled but it won't work in the city as owners of these vicious canines are likely to discover.

Rockford Republic, April 18, 1906, Rockford IL, p. 5