Mar 16, 1909 Bulldog Attacks Dog; Owner of Victim Arrested For Stabbing Bulldog

Quincy - John Blickhan, of 817 State street was arrested on a state's warrant charging him with cruelty to animals by Humane Officer John Fowley yesterday afternoon for stabbing a dog with a knife.  The incident is alleged to have occurred last Saturday afternoon at Eight and State streets when a dog belonging to Blickhan became involved in a fight with a bulldog belonging to Gerry Hummell, a bartender at Ed Grimmer's saloon on Ohio street.  The blickhan dog apparently was getting the worst of the mix-up and to have him from being eaten up by the ferocious bulldog the owner is alleged to have drawn a knife and stabbed the dog belonging to Hummell three times.  While the injuries inflicted were not fatal at once, they are reported to have been of a serious nature and many cause the death of the bulldog.
Blickhan was released on bond and his case will come up for a hearing in police court this morning.

The Quincy Daily Whig, Quincy, IL, March 16, 1909, p. 2