Jan 17, 1906 Rockford Pit Bulldog Attacks Boy; Shot to Stop Attack

Dog Takes Firm Grip on Calf of Leg and Has to be Pried Loose - Robert Bates' Nine-year-old Boy at the City Hospital
Rockford - Last evening Frank, the nine-year-old son of Robert W. Bates, of Kishwaukee Street, was badly bitten in his own home by a vicious bulldog belonging to a friend of the father.

The animal's owner was visiting at the house and Frank accidentally stepped on the dog's paw as it lay outstretched on the floor.  This enraged the beast, which sprang at the boy and fastened its teeth in the calf of his leg, the jaws meeting.

The animal was shot at once and the injured lad hurried to the hospita, where Dr. Tuite is attending him.  It is not believed that ill results will follow this painful injury.

Rockford Republic, January 17, 1906, Rockford IL, p. 1

This is one of the first of over a hundred pit bulls shot to stop an attack in Illinois.

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