Sep 15, 1909 Cherry Valley Woman Severely Bitten by Bulldog

Mrs. Emory James, Formerly of Winnebago Bitten by Bulldog at Cherry Valley

Cherry Valley - Mrs Emory James, formerly of this place, but who recently moved to Cherry Valley, was severely bitten by a vicious bulldog last week.  Mrs. James and her pet terrier dog were on the lawn, when espie by the bulldog across the street, which immediately attacked the small dog.  Mrs. James in trying to save her pet had her hand terribly lacerated, the flesh being laid open to the bone.  She was forced to leave go her hold, whereupon the bulldog literally tore the small dog to ribbons.  Mrs James has had her hand treated daily by a physician, hoping to avert serious consequences.

Rockford Republic, Rockford, IL, September 09, 1909