Jun 01, 2015 Arthur Pit Bulls Invade Yard to Kill Small Beloved Maltese, Fluffy

Arthur - A woman had to watch her beloved pet be mauled to death by a pack of pit bulls and Illinois law is putting a neighborhood at risk and allowing the pit bulls back with the owner.  Cheryl Prez gave her daughter, Trinity, this 4-pound Maltese to keep her company, and now they want an ordinance against dangerous dogs.
Sweet Fluffy
Arthur, Illinois - a safe family place except for pit bulls
Trina Prez can’t even call up the memory of her 4 pound maltese named Fluffy without seeing the  pit bulls killing her sweet little dog all over again.

‘Prez says, about a month ago, five or six pitbulls attacked Fluffy in her backyard.

"This is where we buried her."
Fluffy was four years old
Before Fluffy was mauled, Prez says she'd call police about the pitbulls. She'd seen them roaming her street several times, but had no idea they'd go into her yard until she heard her dog crying.

"I mean, I was kind of already preparing myself that it might be something big, but I just wasn't expecting that."

Animal control took the dogs away from the owner for a short time, but now they're back with their owner who lives two doors down. The fence he's supposed to build isn't up yet.
Killer Pit Bull At Large
Killer Pit Bull At Large
"Right now, we're scared now that something worse is going to happen." ‘

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