Apr 04, 2016 Elgin Pit Bull Killed a Sweet Dog-Owner Cited

Elgin - In a horrific attack, a man was walking his son’s 7-year old Jack Russell terrier, Buddy, when a pit bull attacked and dragged Buddy off.  The man got into his truck to look for the pit bull and Buddy and found the pit bull standing over Buddy’s lifeless body.

Buddy was Killed by a Pit Bull
Elgin IL
Elgin Animal Control officers followed up on the incident and through canvassing the neighborhood was able to identify the pit bull mix dog and its owner, a resident on the 300 block of Waverly Court, police said.

Animal control issued the 19-year-old owner with citations for dog at large, biting and attacking, and vicious behavior. An adjudication hearing was set for May 4.

Elgin passed the ordinance in 2010 creating the designation of dangerous dog when a hearing officer or court at the request of the police department conducts an evidentiary hearing on the temperament of a dog.

To date, 83 dogs have been designated as dangerous dogs and 13 as vicious, or dogs that have bitten a person or another dog, according to city records.

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