Feb 04, 2016 Sidney Pit Bulls Maul a Sheltie Unprovoked

Sidney - A Sheltie named Buddy was walking on his leash with his owner when he was attacked by two pit bull that escaped from their yard.

In classic pit bull style, one pit bull took each end of the helpless little dog and mauled him.  After he got away and began running home, one of the pit bulls kept biting at him. And another classic outcome of a pit bull attack is that the victims are left traumatized and upset long after the attack was over.

Despite the deep wounds, the pit bull owner somehow still denies this was an attack.
Screen Grab from WCIA video to illustrate how severe
Buddy's injuries were 
The sheltie owner wants dangerous dogs banned from the city.

The pro-pit local news outlet refused to mention that the dogs were pit bulls but there was enough stereotypic pit bull defense language to make it clear these were pit bulls.

The victim’s owner said, "What I want is our board to prohibit dangerous dogs. I'm not picking on a breed, but we don't need it here."

And the pit bulls’ owner said that she “doesn't want them (her dogs) to be viewed in a negative light.”

The pit bull owner’s pit bulls were declared dangerous.

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