Oct 24, 2014 Lawsuit: Plainfield Pit Bull Bit Off, Probably Ate Part of Youth's Ear

Plainfield - A pit bull bit off and likely ate part of a Plainfield youth’s ear, according to a lawsuit filed in Will County court.

The young man, Richard Coleman III, and his parents, Richard Coleman Jr. and Cindy Coleman, sued Alberto Guzman and Ana Velasco-Guzman, over the alleged ear incident.

The lawsuit said Richard Coleman III was a minor when the pit bull bit his ear in December 2009. Court records show he was 14 at the time.

Richard Coleman III was a “guest” at the Guzman’s Ruth Fitzgerald Drive home, the lawsuit said. He had gone there to “play with his friend, Remy Boudreau.”

Richard Coleman III had visited the Guzmans’ home “numerous times before and had played with the dog, Max, on multiple occasions,” the lawsuit said. He “had no reason to suspect Max was aggressive.”

As Richard Coleman III was getting ready to leave the Guzmans’ home, he “stepped over to Max and began to pet him,” the lawsuit said. “Suddenly and unexpectedly, Max growled, opened his mouth, and attempted to bite (his) face.”

Richard Coleman III “turned his head to avoid the attack but Max clamped down and bit his ear,” the suit said.

Richard Coleman III “immediately felt extreme pain and burning and saw blood,” the lawsuit said. “He felt his ear and noticed that a piece of it was missing. Other individuals at the (Guzmans’) home searched the entire room for the piece of (his) ear but were unable to locate it. It is presumed Max ate it.”

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