Apr 13, 2013 Bloody Pit bull Tries to Maul a County Circuit Judge

Alton - Two loose dogs one a pit bull, one a mix, which one attacks?
Judge Kyle Napp

Judge Kyle Napp vividly describes a harrowing encounter with a pit bull.  She was saved from being mauled by pit bull that already had blood on its face by one of three men who came running to rescue her.  The bloody pit bull took off after one of the the men.

The chase continued by car into the neighboring town of Godfrey before the dog were caught.

Napp, who founded the Madison County Child Advocacy Center, and is a dog lover was describes her experience:
"I am a dog lover and have three dogs of my own, but it was terrifying," said Madison County Circuit Judge Kyle Napp. "I am frightened to think what would have happened had those dogs run across a kid waiting at the bus stop."
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The Telegraph Accessed: 2013-04-13. (Archived by WebCite® at http://www.webcitation.org/6Fr9ea866)

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